During our presentations Terry will be speaking about her Near-Death Experience and her sister Marjorie will be sharing her LIGHT Experience following the death of her 19 year-old daughter. They will include their spiritual journeys and share how years of experiences and research brought greater understanding into their lives. Terry will share her recent health journey, bringing clarity to her Near-Death messages brought from her time out of body. Come hear an uplifting message of love, compassion and hope. Hear about how seeds planted during these tragic experiences, have germinated and grown in amazing ways in their lives.

Goals for our presentation:

They will share through their stories :

  • Understanding death allowed them to LIVE life and take any FEAR of God away.
  • We are not our bodies; we are spiritual beings living on earth.
  • Seeds were planted during Terry’s NDE Love is all there is. We have the ability to heal ourselves. Terry was sent back for a reason – finding out why has been a journey. Concepts of time and space were expanded. “Unusual” and new experiences brought greater understanding.
  • Research has been critical ~ Science and Spirituality cannot be separated.
  • Knowing her daughter Anne was alive somewhere brought peace to Marj
  • Letting light into our lives germinated new seeds opening our minds to new thoughts and ideas. Health and healing concepts were nurtured.
  • Power of our thoughts: “Ask and you shall receive” had new meaning.
  • Going within is powerful. They have recognized and developed their energy field that EVERY human has. You’ll see it when you BELIEVE it. God sends us messages through the universe in many forms. Be open to hear and feel
  • MEDITATION is very powerful in bringing health in mind, body and spirit.


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