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                        Our Journey to Understand Life through LIGHT and Near-Death



Terry Ashby Larkin  Marjorie Ashby Steiner



The Light GAP   God’s Amazing Presence

Our Journey to Understand Life through LIGHT and Near-Death

Our book is about two very significant spiritual events. We grew up in a rural area outside of Detroit, Michigan in a family of five children. We both have 30+ years of teaching experience to combine with an avid interest in the field of science, which cannot be separated from spirituality. The lives of the two sisters became intertwined in ways that we could never have predicted. Each story is unique and yet understanding our experiences over time has given us an amazing advantage of helping each other grow individually through our spiritual journeys. We have been living a changed life. We have been putting the puzzle pieces in place and an “incredible” picture has emerged. Fear no longer keeps us from telling our story. Our story is about how the two events changed our thinking, our careers, and the way we live our lives. We are ready to share our stories in the hope that it will help others get an expanded view of why we are here on Earth, and what we came to do.


Mrs. Terry Ashby Larkin

 While on the road with my two young children in 1982, life changed for me as I swerved to miss a head on collision and came “face to face”, with a tree instead.  As my spleen ruptured, efforts to revive me failed. I was out of my body looking down while all of this happened. I was then consumed in an incredible white light not experienced here on earth.  There was awe in my heart at the revelation that something incredible happened. I will relate how little I understood in 1982, but how profoundly this experience changed my life. This story will unfold as I relate later mystical experiences in the Amazon in Peru, Machu Picchu high in the Andes, Costa Rica, Africa and right at home. I realized that I had opened a window into God’s world when I left my body. But, now back on earth I found God nudging me into more understanding. I led student international workshops for 10 years and taught young children for 30 years. Eventually in 2002 my life began to unravel bringing serious health issues. I brought back powerful messages from my NDE that I needed to put in place in my own life. I will share my insights into medical meditations and my journey to health. My goal is to help others in their search for love, peace, health and healing. I am now healthy, loving life and retired from 30+ years in teaching in Germany, Colorado, Tennessee, and Michigan. All shaped my life. I am now home in Michigan, living near the beautiful sandy beaches of Lake Michigan in Holland with my amazing husband, Doug. I have three grown sons with incredible wives, four grandchildren, and the first & most talented author in the Larkin family, daughter-in-law,  Allie Larkin.

Mrs. Marjorie Ashby Steiner

My husband Jim and I lost our almost 20 year-old daughter in 1996 to an accident in London. One week after Anne’s death, I had an experience of Light consuming me while I was in my kitchen and all I felt was love and joy at a time when I had been crying in agony almost 24 hours a day. For myself, the journey back to “more stable” after Anne’s death became a journey into the mysteries of the true nature of life and death here on Earth. Why did I have an experience of Light that took me to a state I had never dreamed possible? How were 3 dreams that other people who Anne knew well remembered, communicated to me, and all end in the same words in Anne’s voice, “Don’t worry about me. I am okay!” The book will tell the story of how I journeyed back to joy in my life, moving from a faith in God that I thought was solid, to a search for the Divine that was desperately urgent and exciting. A whole new understanding of how God as ever-present “cheering “ us on has emerged. We will share how we have journeyed through books. Authors were and are still our teachers. I live in the Chicago area in Northbrook, IL with my husband, Jim, a retired minister. Our summers are spent in Eagle River, WI. We have two amazing sons, a fabulous daughter-in-law and two grandchildren bringing wonderful delight into our lives.


The LIGHT GAP  is divided into three parts




Chapter 1- The Mystery of Death : Terry’s Near-Death Experience

Chapter 2- The Story of God’s Amazing Light : Marj’s LIGHT Experience

Chapter 3- Terry’s Spiritual Milestones: The Amazon Changed My Life

Chapter 4-  Marj Finds Balance


Chapter 5- Broadening Our Spirituality

Chapter 6- Health and Healing: Serious Decline in Health


Chapter 7- Children’s Spirituality and Education

Chapter 8 – Near Death Experiences: Death Brought Understanding of Life

PART IV EVERYDAY LIFE: Change to Bring Health to Mind, Body & Spirit

Chapter 9- Your Spiritual Journey: Balancing Life


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