Heaven’s DOOR…

Heaven’s DOOR…

When we hear the words spoken, “You are at Heaven’s Door”, we immediately jump to the conclusion that someone is near death. But, what if we use those words to enhance our LIFE instead?

Is it possible that “Heaven’s DOOR” is right in front of us beckoning us to open it up and walk in…right here on earth.

It is pretty easy to focus on the suffering of the world, especially if it is right in front of us. When we watch people we know suffer due to illness, war, or difficult circumstances we tend to focus on the display of difficulty even while offering our love and support. What if you walked through Heaven’s Door focused instead on the soul of that person, knowing that we really ARE souls. Within that SOUL is our body. People often say that our soul or spirit resides within our body and we need to go within to experience it.

But, what if it’s the other way around?

Listen to your heart and see if the following sentence resonates with you. We are a soul and contained within that SOUL is our body. During my Near-Death Experience, I observed my body below and thought my soul just left my body. Let me re-phrase that. I was my SOUL watching my body  down below that at some point would revive in its human form…still knowing I WAS a soul. My SOUL was still the REAL ME!

We were created in the image of GOD ~ WHOLE and PERFECT in the LIGHT of our Being. Once we embrace that thought…we can walk through Heaven’s DOOR right here on earth, right now.

So, what happens when we walk through that door? Light and LOVE envelope us so we can look at a loved one, friend or stranger suffering and not “see” their affliction. Instead we see their perfect Soul Being. We can help them smile, and bring laughter through  our love and support. At the same time we keep our own emotional well being intact. Heaven really seems to simply infuse into the space around us.

It reminds me of how Buddha went from a royal human being, sheltered from suffering, until he experienced the incredible difference his world showed him. Or how Jesus saw the soul of a man or woman and brought healing into them regardless of their worthiness. That is SEEING through to a SOUL at a human level. I think that is where all of us as humans get STUCK…we can’t “picture” our perfection as a soul. Our focus is also stuck, thinking we are unworthy, sinful, or whatever words you want to attach to the human condition. And yet, that is JUDGEMENT that our soul never experiences!

Can we instead look beyond and ALLOW ourselves to experience Heaven on Earth? Maybe it is not such a FAR off place as we think. Our perception is that we will only see it after we die. Maybe it is right in front of us.

WALK through Heaven’s DOOR…

I really believe that is how compassion and caring kindness come gushing out of us. It’s beautiful and we can run out in nature or our simple square of grass in a tiny yard, allowing sunshine to penetrate our BEING and celebrate… shouting “LIFE is BEAUTIFUL!” Love becomes a way of life and we begin to “blossom” even in our world that is full of hard times. Little every day moments become opportunities for us to EXPERIENCE miracles that happen every day…ALLOWING the DOORWAY to Heaven simply open up in front of us.

Writing has become a way for me to OPEN Heaven’s Door for myself and others. The SELF LOVE that emerges as I write helps me cope with my own difficulties! I am certainly a “WORK IN PROGRESS’ as they say. So, if you at all see yourself in the previous words…know that they came from someone in my spiritual REALM helping ME! And with that…I SHARE with you through the perfection of my own SOUL! I am hoping you will take a step too.

“The ego sees bodies, while Christ Consciousness sees Spirit. This helps transform a world of despair to one of hope.” ~Alan Cohen.

WALK through Heaven’s DOOR right here in your present life no matter the circumstances you might be experiencing… LOVE will take care of the rest!




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