Concept/Light GAP


A Light GAP : What is it? Throughout our book, we will be using the concept of a light gap in the forest. The rain forests on our Earth are the best place to observe this process, but it is also just as evident in any forest in the world. The top layer of trees in a forest is called the canopy. It is the roof of the forest. The canopy can be so dense that only a trickle of light reaches the floor of the forest. Down below on the forest floor are seeds waiting for the intense heat of the sun to begin the germination process. Seeds can remain in the soil for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years waiting for the right conditions to begin new life. The variety of seeds that lay waiting can regenerate the forest over time, as the conditions are right. One tree hit by lightning or high winds can take down many trees as it falls. This opens up space on the forest floor to direct life giving light, providing the opportunity for new growth. Our lives can mirror this process. In our book we will share how tragedies are often like the trees falling in the forest. Seeds within us are waiting for the right conditions to germinate. The seeds hold the keys to:

  • Ideas we have not acted on
  • Change in beliefs that free us to BE
  • New ways of thinking about our circumstances
  • Accepting and receiving forgiveness for ourselves

Seeds can start new growth that regenerate our lives. Most important, a space is made for us to hear the ever so quiet voice of God talking directly to us, supporting us through the chaos we are experiencing in our lives. Often, it is in the middle of disaster, that the depths of our spiritual gifts are recognized for the first time. We deepen our understanding of reality. We will take you into some extraordinarily difficult times of our own lives. Our LIGHT experiences helped us begin a journey of rebuilding and of discovery. Our use of the acronym GAP tells of G~ods A~mazing P~resence bathed in LIGHT following difficult events that happen in people’s lives everywhere. In the telling of our stories, we hope to help our readers find their way to an expanded view of reality, to new hope, and to the flow of joy, love, and light in their lives.

Panama canopy - free domain - bing

This photo shows the sun-light streaming through the trees and reaching the seeds previously left in the dark by a the canopy of leaves from above. New life begins to grow. In us, new life began to grow and has continued to grow for many years.

Terry’s first experience with God’s Amazing LIGHT happened during her Near-Death Experience in 1982. Seeds were planted within her during this life changing experience. You can read her experience on this website. Click under Our Book and look for Terry’s NDE.  Those seeds were nurtured and fed over the past 32 years by many more  experiences where God’s Amazing Presence came to bring more light into her life. Her Educational Workshops in the rainforests of Peru launched light into her life of understanding. She will share those experiences in each section of our website and BLOG. Authors words came to life as she researched into Near Death Experiences, devoured spiritual literature, and learned what an amazing gift Meditation has become in her life.

Marj’s first experience with God’s Amazing LIGHT happened in her kitchen just 5 days after the funeral for her 19 year old daughter, Anne. You can read her experience on this website. Click under Our Book and look for Marjorie’s Light Story. Through reading and research she is able to relate her journey of understanding God, healing from grief, and moving into the light of God as she experienced a jolt of understanding, learning about a real light gap in the rainforests of Peru.

Light Gap in the Amazon

All of these experiences will be shared  in their new book coming soon:

The Light GAP: G~od’s A~mazing P~resence.