Discover Inner Listening

Discovery is the key to making Meditation your very own. We are all such amazing, gifted, talented and interconnected human beings.  Yet EACH of us has our own spiritual signature in the Universe connecting our bodies and soul to our source which is God….

Create Your NEW 2020 Self!

The world and our life in it is an ever changing process! Quantum Physicists and neuroscientists  are sharing new and exciting discoveries that will eventually shift thinking in the hearts of our physicians and filter down slowly to the masses. A friend asked me…

Healthy MIND…Healthy Life

Your happiest  NEW YEAR EVER ~ 2020! I hope you are ready to make this year the most spectacular year yet in your life! People always ask me if I have some “New Year’s Resolutions.” January just seems to be that kind of month….

Happy Holidays Through Light and Love

  We wish you and your family a MOST BEAUTIFUL holiday season steeped in LOVE and LIGHT!   As we close out 2019 and ring in 2020, we wish to thank ALL of you for being such a integral part of our lives! We…

Breath of Life

Breath of Life …we come into our life as a tiny baby launched into taking that first breath. As we leave this temporary body… we take that last Breath of Life! Baby Jesus did the same long ago. Every human being that has ever…