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Terry Ashby Larkin lives in the West Michigan area near the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan with her husband, Doug. She has lived in many other locations, but has lived in this area now for 28 years. She taught school at Holland Public Schools for 23 years before retiring.  She loves to hike along the sandy beach in Holland and  watch as many sunsets as possible. She loves watching the sunrise over the water while she is meditating outside on beautiful mornings. Michigan brings all four of the seasons.  She loves each season with it’s own unique beauty. She is co-author of  a book entitled The Light Gap  God’s Amazing Presence: The Journey to Understand Life Through LIGHT and Near-Death along with her sister Marjorie Ashby Steiner.

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“When your mind and your body are in a constant state of worry and anxiety, analyzing and figuring, always on the go…remember, that in the world of physical form the actual energy pattern is extremely slow. It is only when you approach the energy waves of light and spirit that the vibrations are faster. Light waves, although appearing motionless vibrate much faster than the frequencies of solid matter.” ~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ~ There’s A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

These words spoke to me when I read them because of my Near-Death Experience. (NDE)  I never would have found any of Wayne Dyer’s words unless I was searching more deeply into the what God means to me in my life. It took many years for me to share with others the experience and messages from my Near-Death Experience (NDE). Now, I know how important it is to go inside of myself, into my soul each day through meditation. I use this time to pray, but also to find strength, love, and compassion. If I can find these things in myself every day, I can give away love in a much more authentic way to others. This time also gives my mind, body, and spirit rest and strength to open the channels of communication between God and myself. The Universe all around us is sending answers every day, but I had to learn how to be open to hear them. How little I knew at times in my life now makes me chuckle in memory. Marj and I are hoping to help you open that channel as well!

My family has been my greatest teacher. My husband lived my NDE Experience along me and our love grew along with our children as we both experienced a wonderful life with three amazing sons. They now have incredible families and lives of their own including our grandchildren who continually enrich our lives. Teaching young children helped shape my life as well as deepen my my need to grow the seeds God laid in my heart 32 years ago and now I can share as they blossom.

NDE experiences are global~ that certainly gave me a lot to think about, consider and then search for information that spoke to me. Where I found violence, hatred, or judging of others~ I knew I was in the wrong place. God’s message given to me was LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. What an amazing message God shared with me during my NDE. Understanding it? That has taken a very long time. I know in my heart that Jesus came to share that amazing message with the world and so did many other visionaries across the globe. Fear had been wiped away for me wrapped in that amazing white light. Losing fear freed me to LIVE, love, laugh, and enjoy my choices in life. I was able to take fear of God out my life. You and I are unique individuals shaped by God’s love~ and we are not the same in our beliefs. God gave us free will, interpreting why is left up to us. What a challenge for centuries. Marj and I celebrate differences, the differences between the two of us as well. We are even fascinated by them, and yes we have learned incalculable things from them.

For me it took even another challenge in life. God gave me the gift of failing health and the journey of four years to recovery to help me process another message I came back with from my NDE, WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO HEAL OURSELVES. I was clueless for so many years what that meant. I’d love to share that journey, I understand so much more now, even though I am still learning more every day. I’ll share how I am finally able to call failing health a gift! I’m healthy now and working hard to stay that way!

I was born Terry Ashby and into a family of five children. Marjorie is one of my older sisters. Our family is still very close and love to get together and do fun outdoor hiking together in each unique area. Here we are in my lovely area in Holland, Michigan.

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Since retirement, I began experiencing the world of volunteering. As a teacher I experienced the extreme value of a community wide program called Hope Ministries. It services homeless or abused families with children. I volunteer in story telling in pre-school and compassionate help with struggling readers in an afternoon school care program. I stopped my guest teaching to write and now work as a motivational speaker and workshop leader.  I love time with my family. I have 3 highly successful sons with 3 wonderfully talented wives and 4 grandchildren that God has blessed with wonderful parents. I enjoy reading, traveling, hiking, camping, biking, singing, golf, kayaking and swimming. I am an avid reader of spiritual literature as well as historical novels. She also admits to being a fan of Clive Cussler.


These are my two favorite places to read. Lake Michigan has many sand dunes along the western coast. There are locations like these in Holland and in many cities located along Lake Michigan. Dune grass makes a great wind break for days that are cooler, but nice and sunny. We live on a small lake and I love to view the sunrise over the water. It is my favorite view for reading and also for meditation.