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The Light GAP : God’s Amazing Presence

              Terry & Marj’s ORGANIZATION

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The GAP, tells of the light that can come into your heart in the form of joy, unconditional love, health, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude. G~ods A~mazing P~resence: Our goal is to help you find that place inside of you!

God’s LIGHT expands with each discovery. Each and every human being has that ability right inside of them.  LIGHT has expanded far beyond Terry’s Near-Death Experience (NDE) and Marjorie’s LIGHT Experience story.  We encourage you to read them. The seeds were planted in both of us many years ago. Our journeys were much richer as we began to realize we are all connected. We began to help one another and share our experiences in wonder as we immersed ourselves in reading & research. In our own daily lives we found God’s love intertwined with unexplained events, awe, and a common interest in searching for a clear connection between Science (REALITY using very specific, mandated methods) and Spirituality. We began to open up and are becoming the people we were meant to be through many of life’s trials. We have found an expanded view of reality grounded in research by experts in the fields of science, medicine, and spirituality. We are moving to new hope for a troubled world, and into the flow of joy, love, and light in our lives. If we join together with others, our message of love and peace will spread into other’s lives. We have discovered our own experiences have provided us with amazing insights into the education of children and health and healing. We have learned to keep our minds WIDE open for new and updated thinking.

We are sharing our experiences and our learning in hopes that we can help anyone who might be searching for deeper meaning in their lives. Or help someone understand a unique experience in his or her own life. Our organization, The Light Gap, is not about religion, it’s about a deep connection to God in what form has meaning in your life.

Our Goals:

  •  Provide CONNECTIONS to professionals, everyday people, authors, and websites for learning.
  • In our book, The Light Gap:God’s Amazing Presence we are sharing our experiences and learning!  Our sub title is Our Journey to Understand Life Through LIGHT and Near-Death.
  • Provide a network of communication between people who are keeping their mind open to new thinking. Show how to get out of “I” thinking into thinking that incorporates the knowledge we are all interconnected as individuals, world communities and global environments.
  •  Provide a view of our experiences world wide that have contributed to understanding the learning that took place in our Near-Death Experience and Experience in Light.
  •  Give presentations, seminars and retreats to help guide inquiring minds how to find their OWN PATH in a confusing world.
  •  Helping people get more out of their own church or spiritual practice by listening differently.
  •  Show how there is power within your choices that can be ever expanding.
  •  Help people see that Science, Psychology, Medicine, and Spirituality are all interconnected.
  •  Share how our thinking affects our health.
  •  Expand the concepts of prayer and meditation.
  • How to broaden children’s thinking beyond just what they have already learned from our culture. We will teach needed components to open children’s minds. We will share the implications for Education.

Terry Ashby Larkin and Marjorie Ashby Steiner

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Working hard to bring our stories to YOU and CONNECT you with others!