“Hello SELF, you know I’ve been wondering about some things lately and I’m guessing you can help me out! Why is it that for some people the awakening process seems so simple? For other people I know, they don’t seem to even think that God  REALLY is LOVE, and they are suffering? How can I make a difference in someone’s life? They need to follow their own journey, and yet they aren’t asking why, instead they are saying, ‘Why ME’?” ~ Terry

Do you ever find yourself talking TO yourself? 

I have a feeling that when this happens, no matter what debate is going on in your mind, it is somehow our soul’s agenda to get our attention! It could be an entity from the spirit world, a lost loved one, or it could even be one of the masters. There is simply LIGHT in the awareness that I am never alone. There is “spark” of Divine Light that can and DOES  ignite within you.

Sometimes we “worry” that our meditation practices fall short. Are we open enough to hear a message meant for us? Does our mind chatter about our daily life get in the way. But, I LOVED these words by Adyashanti.

“Meditation isn’t about adding anything to the mind’s narration. It is not about solving or analyzing, but about a refocusing of attention.” ~ Adyashanti.

When we become AWARE of how completely loved we are, there is LIGHT in that awareness. KNOWING that I am whole and worthy of that love comes along with our daily self care routines! Our soul is already aware of our Divinity, are we aware of our own Divinity? Am I embracing that concept? Perhaps it is as simple as “refocusing my attention.”

If I am going to refocus my attention…where do I want my attention to go? I think my attention needs to be pulled away from the story of my life, let go, and SHIFT into that realm we KNOW exists. We also KNOW we have help there. We can ASK for help and say THANK YOU in gratitude for upcoming answers. We can ALLOW healing to move into our being. Are you able to simply let go and TRUST the answer will come?

When we shift beyond our stories… JOY is in the NOW of every present moment. We don’t need to escape our story…we simply need to be aware it is part of our wholeness.  We can transcend time and space, even re-live an event with our new compassionate self, and simply change what emotions are wrapped around an experience.

My self TALK quite simply begins to CHANGE form.  I refocussed my attention to Divine Presence and become the observer allowing the Divine to take over. May I ask you to Re- read my SELF TALK above? Did you catch what was happening? My “questions” were full of judgement instead of the energy of LOVE for another of God’s Creations. We are ALL part of the whole and consequently I was judging myself through judgement of others. And, I needed to “refocus my attention” to let go and SHIFT into the realm that is so open to me at any moment. Unconditional Divine LOVE of self and others replaced expressed judgement with JOY.

OKAY…time to refocus my attention … my SELF TALK changes form!

“Hello SELF, you know I’ve been wondering about some things lately and I know you can help me out! What do I need to share to GIVE  and allow love and blessings to move into the life of people struggling and suffering through life? What words of comfort and support will lift their journey to find LOVE and JOY! THANK you for being WITH me to express Divinely inspired words and actions filled with Your energy of LOVE!” ~Terry


My SELF CARE routine now includes time to refocus my ATTENTION and allow LOVE’s  FULL EXPRESSION into my life!


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