Staying CONNECTED…Peacefully

Memorial Day was recently enjoyed by many people connecting in some way or another with family and friends. We DO cherish staying connected with loved ones. I couldn’t help but think of my son in the service in the Middle East away from family. We are blessed with the new technology of being able to one way or another hear our son’s voice! It’s not always easy. He never fails to remind me that the purpose of Memorial Day is not to honor people like HIM, but it is a day to remember and honor those that lost their lives serving our country to keep US FREE. The number is always staggering to me.

But, my heart skips a beat realizing how many beautiful souls, like my son,  have put themselves in harms way so we can keep our freedoms. FREEDOM is something that I think we should never take for granted.  I have the freedom to simply BE myself, worship as I please, and speak my own truth. Our own country has gone through some horrible times throughout our history, and so many challenges continue into the present day. Freedom of expression will probably always bring anxiety, challenge, and conflict. And yet, that is how God CREATED us ~ not only in our human form but our Soul Being as well. We have choices.

Here are some words by Neale Donald Walsch that might help you ponder this CONNECTION…

“God does not want you to get back to heaven; God wants you to know that you never left the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is divided into three parts: The realm of the Spiritual, the realm of the Physical, and the realm of Pure Being.” 

Spiritual Realm

Physical Realm

Pure Being Realm

I had to stop and think what did this mean to me? I often refer to the Spiritual Realm and the Physical Realm, and I use the words Pure BEING…but I had never thought about PURE BEING as being a realm within the Kingdom of God. When we are in a deep state of BEING, perhaps in meditation, do we go somewhere? We “communicate” in many ways. I’ve come to realize that when we communicate with those that have passed, they are not far away at all. Just in another realm. But, when we realize that communication through God comes in so many different forms, pure BEING might indeed be in a different realm too. I don’t know, but I’m pondering the idea. What do you think?

We are ALWAYS connected to GOD…and it is ALWAYS in peace. We cannot ever lose that connection. Once we totally embrace the ALL of our existence it is so much easier to accept, LOVE, and care for human beings we interact with or hear about in the news. We learn to accept that we don’t have to react to what happens around us. We don’t need to take it personally. NOTHING other people DO is because of you. Even when it seems personal, what someone says or does is their own internal thoughts. Each of us has our own reality.

When we don’t take things personally, there is a beautiful snowball effect. Taking away judgement gives us more power over our own thoughts, feelings and actions. We make better decisions. We connect with others by sharing our peaceful existence!

In a lot of ways ~ we are ALL in service to our country. After all, the United States is part of our world of existence and we live in it. WE make a difference every day as we respect the ETERNAL rights of every human being. Besides…so often what we assume about people turns out to be wrong. We just don’t know the FULL story.

Do we know our own FULL story yet? I’m convinced not any of us do. As we depart this life for transition back HOME, we will know with understanding. That’s when all the puzzle pieces fit together nicely. In the meantime we ALL need to stay CONNECTED in Peace!

On this day of your life

Terry, I believe God wants you to know …

… that it doesn’t matter if you can’t get a cell phone signal

or Wi-Fi where you are. You are always connected to Source.

I’m not kidding about this. I’m serious. Wherever you are,

wherever you go, you are always connected to Divine Wisdom,

Divine Intelligence, and Divine Love.

Just close your eyes. Breathe. Stop whatever you’re doing

for ten seconds and find The Silence. Visit The Quiet.

Just for ten seconds. Do it six times today.

One minute a day. That’s all it takes.

One minute, divided into six parts.

Go ahead. Do it now.

Love, your Friend …


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