Each MOMENT is a New Beginning

Each moment of every day is an opportunity for a new beginning! This past weekend we had gorgeous summer like weather. My mind kept flip flopping from the beauty of simple pleasures around me to house projects, yard work that needed my attention, and people I wanted to talk with or be with. The beach sand was calling me. LIFE…oh the choices we have. I chose weeding in my garden with a smile and simply walked barefoot in the green grass and our shallow water. After spotting baby ducklings I retreated back and let THEM enjoy!



I realized with a quick stop prompted by my inner voice that I was consciously shifting in and out my spiritual self to FEED my human body and mind. I realized that my decisions had NOTHING to do with where I was. It was in stopping and shifting my attention to something beautiful or meaningful for even a simple MOMENT that allowed my consciousness to temporarily be in another place! Wow…I realize now I could make a list of beautiful snippets of sights and sounds, and they are all right around my home inside and out. Especially meaningful was my husband’s smile as he asked me what in the world was I smiling and laughing about, all by myself working!

People often think that there is some secret recipe for happiness and contentment. We dream once in awhile how we’d love to “have” that person’s life or situation instead of our own. That is until we realize…wait, I created this moment… each moment and YES, that includes the challenges I have in my life. They give me pause each day to decide what kind of day I am going to have. I still very often shift my mind into all I am grateful for and ask myself a VERY important question. What can I create to make this an incredible moment? I create knowing I am ENOUGH… at any time in life.

” God, the Source of all that is…This intelligent Force that animates our body, mind, and spirit is not apart from us, but we are a part of it. Put another way: none of us is the entirety of God, but God is the entirety of us.” ~ Suzanne Giesemann The Awakened Way Pg. 21

This very simple statement is giving us an incredible message. I suggest you re-read it several times. These past few weeks I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Suzanne Giesemann’s new book, The Awakened Way: Making the Shift to a Divinely Guided Life. Her stories are precious and so very REAL. I can relate to so many of them with stories of my own experiences. I marvel at the way she relates them to what she KNOWS about God, our Universe, and how we “animate” our lives living as a spiritual BEING working hard to keep our earthly life real and meaningful.

Shaping our lives is not as simple as wishing ourselves happy. One thing that becomes very real in this book is that we have work to do, we can’t simply sit back and hope it all works out. There is such a huge balance that we have to manage. YES, we need to TRUST that God, The Universe, Spirit Beings or Masters will take care of us. But at the same time, we have moment by moment choices about our thoughts and actions!

This book is in two parts. The first is full of the FOUNDATIONS of awakening. The second part are practices that she shares to help you out on your journey!  They are all VERY meaningful. Many are not new to me and yet I loved trying them using her words as guides. You will love it too.

After many exquisite stories and learning, I found her list of what the soul wants you to celebrate!

“The soul has no “shoulds,” “musts,” or “have-to.” It doesn’t need rules because it knows only connection and flows with what is. It wants you to know that you have great reason to love life and wake up excited about the day ahead. The soul wants you to celebrate the promise that: 

  • “You are not only human. You are a unique expression of the one Divine Mind.”
  • “There is no death, only endings and beginnings of chapters in the eternal Journey of Awareness.”
  • “Every experience is temporary. “This too shall pass’ is a phrase worth repeating when the story gets a bit dramatic.” ~ Suzanne Giesemann  The Awakened Way Pg. 75

She goes on to list many more with each and every one of them highly significant for our lives. I won’t list more now because I’m guessing you will want to read her book and allow the learning to be YOUR OWN!

In each and every one of her statements I could relate through my Near-Death Experience. The deep knowing of God’s LOVE I experienced. She too talks about not ever needing to fear death or feel a fear of being judged. It simply is NOT part of the KNOWING shared with me and that means ALL of us. As we awaken and remember those truths for ourselves., our world simply grows lighter and more enjoyable.

I know that sometimes we have a hard time expressing to people that we could possibly be integral pieces of the  ONE MIND of God. or we are a piece of God.  I loved how Suzanne Giesemann suggest we  phrase this, “I AM God in Expression.” And the fact that EVERY SINGLE one of us is also God in Expression. I’m going to have to try this out…how about you? I AM forever grateful for Suzanne, her guide team known as Sanaya, and the beautiful light she is sharing with our planner! Each one of us can do the same in our own communities! In LIGHT and LOVE always.

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