Communicating…through THOUGHT

Communicating Through THOUGHT…

This week has been a really tough one for me in many ways. BUT, rather than focus on that…I have been communicating with my family as I keep up with days as my husband is hospitalized. I’ve had some interesting happenings though.

It seems like as soon as I THINK about someone, ruminating…  I express I would like their opinion or to just talk. Within minutes I  would get a text or phone call from that very person. This has happened at least 4-5 times over the past 3 days, especially with my three sons. But also with other family members and friends. I LOVE thinking through how it is that this happens. These experiences are not new, and I’ve had so many synchronistic events that now I can simply smile and say, “OF COURSE”. So how did they know I was thinking about them?

Have you wondered how all of this takes place? It got me to thinking about energy and our own unique Spiritual PATTERN. So often in NDE’s people talk about recognizing loved ones passed and yet it isn’t always because their “bodily features” are being held for recognition purposes. They say we are recognized by other LIGHT BEINGS by our signature energy patterns. It’s too easy to get hung up on our ever so limited WORDS used to describe what this is like.

But, are our THOUGHTS put into a similar energy pattern?

Are those THOUGT waves caught by the someone meaningful to you because of our huge connection through the Universe? I don’t have any solid answers for any of this, HOWEVER I have no doubt that these types of synchronicities are experienced by people all the time. You have probably had some similar series of events like this happen to you.

Then, as synchronicities will do, I opened my phone as I sat down to write here in the hospital room. Suzanne Giesemann’s Awakened Way Messages are always in my email every day and I love reading them. I didn’t have time at home to even think about reading things on my phone, so I was so taken when this one showed up for me today. I immediately identified with my synchronistic phone calls and texts!

In Synchrony

“Are there not times that you do something at the same moment as another? Do you not see this in nature when flocks of birds fly in perfect rhythm and harmony with each other? These are field effects, dear one. You may think of yourself as a person, and this reflects your mimicry of the personal aspects of Source. And you are also a field of patterns of energy dancing and flowing in harmony with all that is. When one you are with reaches for a sip at the exact moment you do or says the same thing you were thinking of, see the Oneness in action. You are the flow, itself, which helps you to see you are both you and ALL that is at the same time. You are so very loved.”

~Suzanne Gieseman through Sanaya The Awakened Way Daily Way Message.

I loved the words, “a field of patterns of energy dancing and flowing in harmony with all that is.” It is such a comfort to all of us to think that we ALL have that flow…with loved ones, with family, with friends, and even with strangers we might be getting ready to meet sometime soon in our earthly lives. When we use the words, we are all ONE…ONE with GOD and each other. But it is the beautiful and high vibrational energy of LOVE that is shared with those we are highly connected to during this earthly life that seems to draw our THOUGHTS to meet each other.  I love thinking that my thoughts were dancing a flowing in harmony with my sons, family, and friends.

Our Universe is so incredibly beautiful. What a creation that allows us to flow in harmony with our loved ones…it’s ONENESS in action! I’m in awe and filled with gratitude.

Thank YOU for being in that flow with both Marj and I! 


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  1. We are all part of the One Mind. In it is our peace, our power, and our joy. Using it is our birthright and being unaware of it is depriving us of and now.

  2. Thank you Mary! LOVE those words you have used.

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