Spiritual FUN!

Spiritual FUN!

Summer is playing out right in front of us! We so often hear that this is time to get outside and plan for SUMMER fun! The warmer weather has us reaching out for summer picnics and beach excursions. Today we are celebrating the Summer Solstice! It is the “official” start of summer even though many of us have been enjoying warmer than usual temperatures well ahead of today. And for some of us there is the transition into summer through gardening, cleaning up flower beds, planting and looking forward to watching the world outside of us GROW INTO our vision of pure summer!

We are feeling the “nourishment” of the sun we have missed during the colder and cloudier time of year. I also believe we are being NOURISHED spiritually through more time spent in nature. BUT, how many of us actually tell ourselves…it is TIME for some Spiritual FUN! We get so used to our precious early morning “spiritual practices” time. For so long that is in the darkness (alas enjoying our candle lighting times) waiting for the precious LIGHT to join us. NOW, unless we are REALLY up early, we are scrambling to catch that beautiful LIGHT emerging as a sunrise.

If June 21st is the longest day of the year…perhaps it is time to PLAN differently and change our routines! I have heard many spiritual gurus reminding us that while our daily routines are spiritual uplifting, we might actually be stifling our “creative flow” by keeping ourselves in too rigid of a routine.

Perhaps SUMMER is the time to give ourselves the GIFT of Spiritual FUN!

Summers are meant to be enjoyed so my ever expanding AWARENESS of communication with Spiritual Beings, God, Jesus, Angels, or any unknown Spiritual Presence has to be interwoven into my daily life. LOVE shaped my guidelines I made up for myself. These might take me OUT of my PLANNED activities and keep me in CREATIVE FLOW! Spiritual Journeys were meant to be FUN…so here we go!

  • NOTICE what makes me smile or laugh…step back and take notice!
  • PRACTICE allowing nature to keep me in balance.
  • Take TIME to stop…and watch the often humorous antics of birds and animals enjoying summer warmth too!
  • Read my piled up spiritually uplifting books…maybe out in a park or on the beach.
  • Listen to someone new on a podcast with an open mind.
  • Enjoy inspiring music at an outdoor concert or even in my own back yard.
  • Enjoy encounters with family and friends but invite in new acquaintances along the way!
  • MOVE judgement of others and their choices OUT of my thoughts. Forgiveness isn’t even necessary, all humans are on their own path…doing the best they know how.
  • GET out in nature in some new locations…enjoy the beauty that feeds our soul.
  • Stop scolding that squirrel that looks me in the eye as he tries to climb on my bird feeder!
  • Mix the elements of our world like sand, water, and sun with each bare foot step reminding us that we were brought into this life to ENJOY and HAVE fun! Jump in the water, play in the waves, and soak in the cooling effects of the water.
  • Exercise, rest and renew the human body my soul is cherishing in this lifetime.
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated in the heat.
  • Eat lots of local produce, fruits and vegetables enjoying each meal with a mindful and thankful heart.
  • Go out of my way to help another, smile at every encounter, and spend time in understanding a difficult person.
  • SMILE, LAUGH…and have lots of fun.

I could go on with my list, but I’m sure you could write one of your OWN that is just right for YOU.


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  1. Enjoyed this Spiritual Fun and Summer topic so very much. Need to change/alter my routine!

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