An Integrated Life… SHIFT

An Integrated Life…SHIFT

Daily living, simply put, HAS to be REAL for your own conscious level using all of the senses you have in a human body. We all have joyful times that bring smiles sending love to others and ourselves. We also slip into difficult days trying to make decisions, complete tasks, survive relationship difficulties, grieve a death, sooth bodily aches and pains, and wonder at the end of day…am I ENOUGH? Did I remember to offer help to another today? Did I lift fellow earth travelers through a simple smile and words of encouragement? Our world might be depending on all of us to do that!

Shifting INTO an integrated life is one of the challenges we have as spiritual BEINGS experiencing a human existence on our amazingly gorgeous planet earth. Only a short week ago Michigan suffered through three devastating tornadoes that touched down showing us how powerful nature can be. The next day burst into a beautiful and warm day. I could FEEL the agony of people who suffered and also the joy of celebration that no lives were lost. Our bodies containing our souls are powerful as well.

ALLOWING ourselves to shift into integrating what we KNOW and BELIEVE …helps maintain joy to make good and positive choices that will perhaps further our awakening style of living. Some days it is as simple as taking a five minute stop moment to ASK God, one of our guides, spiritual beings or Jesus for advice. You’ll be amazed how quickly an answer might arrive.

As all of you know, Marj and I gathered with each other to be together for our “sharing” TALK for the Chicago IANDS (International Association on Near-Death Studies)  this past weekend. Click here if you want to watch the replay. Or, you can go to Go to the tab at the top that says RESOURCES,  click on View Chicago IANDS Meetings. You will see us there along with so many past meetings you can enjoy. Here are some behind the scenes photos for you to enjoy.

We spent a few days enjoying our surroundings, gathering with family, AND working. Marj landed into the Tulip Time Celebration time here in Holland, Michigan, where fun mingled in with disappointment of not very many vibrant tulips left to be seen. Besides early warm weather arriving, the intense winds during the huge storm blew away lots of the remaining tulips. But, we put our smile on and went down to enjoy the sights and sounds anyway. We had a grand time enjoying the people and beautiful sights that were THERE, instead of focussing on the beauty that had BEEN there a week ago. Our adventures are just a simple example of  knowing there is ALWAYS joy that can mingle with any disappointments in life.

We worked and prayed that our words the next day might help even one or more individuals. The night before we simply enjoyed dinner together and an evening. But we knew that it was “possible” that we might be able to view the Northern Lights…also known as Aurora Borealis.  Our newscasters here said we could see the BEST of the atmospheric phenomenon often regarded as the Holy Grail of skywatching, by viewing it from a phone camera! We had watched all evening after dark and it really seemed like all we were seeing when we stepped outside was a clouded sky. Even a group of teenagers were lying in the lake looking up quietly on their kayaks and wake boards. They gave up. We had pretty much given up fulfilling our wishes to see the spectacular sky and we knew we had to talk the next day so we should not stay up TOO late.

Do you believe we have HELP out there in the spiritual world? I do!

We were talking…and yawning.  All of a sudden it just popped into my head, “go out now Terry!”  Soon I was shouting at Marj & Doug to come look from our deck…now we could see stars. We  simply enjoyed the night sky and tried to identify some of the star formations when all of a sudden we began seeing white light circles that began to have beams from them radiating out in all directions! Turning around we saw more and more of them. This first picture is when we began to see colors show up! The green was coming in first and then violet when we looked through my camera lens…WOW! What a GIFT that we were right there to see it and take it all in.

A plane flew right into it and we could see their running lights quite brightly. It only lasted maybe 10 – 15  minutes. Click on the picture to see the real view!  I alerted neighbors and my brother by text a few miles away. By the time they ran out it was gone and they didn’t see them. We saw many pictures put on the news with pictures just like ours. We were simply BLESSED with timing. We went to bed that night with images of beauty in our heads and ready to wake up and plan to ask for guidance in our talk too!

I will share that I DO THINK that our daily balance of LIFE with our spiritual practices is just so very critical to making the most out of our experiences here on earth. For myself, yoga and meditation start my day in a beautiful way and allow me to ask for guidance or help if I’m needing it on any given day. Well, if I’m honest, that is actually just about any day. But, when I add some inspirational reading or inspiration from a friend to that mix, I can generally create the type of day I am hoping to have! AND…I react so much more loving to any unexpected happening that comes up. This is a systematic approach that keeps us optimistic and creating positive events to happen in our lives.

There is always the unexpected miracle that can pop into our lives at any moment. Trusting miracles that DO happen to us, allows us to notice an unusual happening. There might be someone in the spiritual world trying to get your attention! So be sure to tune in! Hmm…do you see an angel figure? Click on the picture and see what YOU think?


2 Comments on “An Integrated Life… SHIFT

  1. Love the angel picture!
    There is a section in A Course in Miracles that includes “ Today I will make no decisions by myself.” Turning anything or everything over to the Holy Spirit works for me! And it takes no time, just a thought. Then I can’t take it back by worrying or ruminating.
    Your talk on IANDS was wonderful! And I feel like I know Marj so much better now.
    Thank you

    • Thank you so much Mary for your sharing! Knowing…that if we turn everything over to the Holy Spirit, we can TRUST to make the best decisions in any given moment. We loved sharing with Chicago IANDS. We were so happy to have you there. And knowing that anyone can go listen to the replay will be great.

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