RE~Live and RE~New

Re~LIVE and Re~ new

In meditation,  I asked, “What would my Loving God Self like to share today?” The title simply popped out in my head.

Re-live and Re-new

When I went to write the words down, only then did I know WHY deep in my inner being the past few days have been so significant to me. RE~Live  and RE ~New. I had put a dash in each word and for some unknown reason it didn’t register. Then it struck me right away…


I know these are simple words, but they are POWERFUL. As you all know Marj and I will be talking to an audience again about my Near-Death Experience (NDE) and Marj’s Light Experience (STE). Her LIGHT experience was a Spiritually Transformative Event. Our lives were changed. YOU, our readers have helped us both as we realize we’ve been writing these blog posts since 2015…wow, even though REAL time is an illusion, our linear time tells us we’ve been writing now for 9 years! And that is after the 3 years it took to write our book!

In preparation for our talk I went back and re-read the first four chapters of our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence. Then I  read select passages before simply closing my eyes allowing myself to take myself back to 1982. I spent at least an hour RE~Living my NDE. I slipped away “somewhere” so I really don’t know how long it was. Did I go out of my body? I have no idea…maybe.

Afterwards I felt like I had spent time RE~Newing and infusing LIGHT into the human “part” of myself. I was allowing my soul to renew my body. It was a fascinating experience, so I thought I would share the experience  with you…although it might be that information from this event arrives slowly into my being.

I felt I had somehow plugged my “engine” into electricity like an electric car! It was a beautiful EVENT that I have no name for. All I know is that the energy in my body was on high drive and instantly energized me in a way I could enjoy on a regular basis. But, I have a feeling that the “electric charge” was somehow Divinely inspired. Perhaps I had help from the Spiritual Realm.

NEW LIFE? Yes, absolutely! I had a picture in my head at the time of a beautiful forest teaming with wildlife, with images of LIGHT threading through the forest in a 3-D sort of way. It was beautiful. I went to bed last night feeling and enjoying that image.

Now hold that thought because WHAT are the chances that when I opened You-Tube this morning to meditate, this image was RIGHT on top! WOW…another opening to Re-live and Re-new! To LIVE in a NEW way. This image of the infinity symbol was simply beautiful…the challenge for me illuminated .  In this image, the burning light intersects with itself and the light burns brighter! I felt like that was the intersection I must have fallen into in my brief moment through LIFE as both human and soul. That took place while I was sitting in meditation after Re-LIVING my NDE. In the now…not years ago. The thought emerged with incredible imagery. “We can ALL do this!” Consciousness IS beyond our body. I knew it in 1982 and I KNOW it now.

The Title of the group is called Soothing Frequency: The Most Powerful Frequency of the Universe…888 – LOVE, Health, Miracles and Infinite Blessings. In case you’d like to see, hear, or experience this for yourself, here is a link for you. Click here and you can enjoy the music and image on YouTube like I did. Not ANY two experiences will be the same…so be prepared for YOUR own unique experience.

” In the symphony of cosmic vibrations, there exits a frequency revered as the most potent force in the Universe! 888 Hz. This sacred resonance is celebrated for its ability to manifest love, health, miracles and infinite blessings without limit…it is believed to activate the energy centers within us aligning our vibrations with the frequency of abundance and fulfillment that permeates the Universe.”





Infinite Blessings

My NDE brought ALL of that and so much more ~when I allowed myself to RECEIVE it. I have so many stories of reading just the right book or meeting just the right person changing my life. But here’s a thought for you…

YOU are capable of ALL of this and more… Jesus told the WORLD this message. 

You don’t need to die to experience all of life’s incredible blessings! They exist right within you. They are simply waiting for you to RECEIVE them.

You have probably experienced moments of unbelievable BLISS for reasons unknown to you. GRAB them…RE~LIVE them through your body and soul’s powerful connections. ALLOW yourself to RE~NEW YOU.


We hope to see you tomorrow  over zoom! Remember, simply go into and sign up for an email. It is simple and well worth it.

SEE you there…



LOVE has no limits.

LOVE is the essence of the Universe.

HEALTH is precious.

MIRACLES unfold in our earthly life!





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