Book Signing


Bedford County Library

Shelbyville, TN

2:30 – 4:00 PM Wed. April 19



by Terry Larkin

Saturday, March 11  2:00 – 5:00 PM

Frank Auditorium at Evanston Hospital

IANDS is the International Association on Near-death Studies. IANDSChicago is associated with that organization.

We wanted to let all of you know about a great opportunity to hear our message!  Terry Larkin will be the keynote speaker. This is a GREAT opportunity for anyone to come! The cost is just $20.00 and you will have a chance to dialogue with some amazing people. You can get complete details from their website as well as directions to find it. Hope to see you there!!


Book Signing 

Saturday,  February 25      3:00 – 5:00  PM

    We will speak about our experiences at 3:00

                           Readings and Questions


1151 Church Street   Northbrook, Illinois








         Sunday, January 22IMG_3754

            2:00 – 3:00 PM

           811 Elm Street

             Winnetka, IL

 Barnes & Noble Book Store

Holland, Michigan

Saturday, December 10, 2016     12:00 – 2:00 PM


Unity ChurchBook Signing UNITY

Douglas, Michigan

Tuesday, November 15  7:00 – 8:30 PM

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Our book is now finished!  We will  continue with more presentations and workshops following our book signings in various places. Keep watching  our website, BLOGS, and Facebook page for news! If you have questions be sure to send us an e-mail. We are happy to answer. These can be questions for us about our book, future presentations or spiritual questions you might have!

Terry Larkin

Marj Steiner


Health & Healing Workshop

WATCH for FUTURE DATES & Locations

Presented by Terry Larkin with Marj Steiner

Health & Healing Zeeland-001

We are now offering a workshop designed to make positive changes in our ongoing quest for healthy bodies.  Terry’s Near- Death Experience brought a knowing that we can heal ourselves. How in the world we can do this? Terry was faced with serious illness in recent years and began using medical meditations and energy medicine techniques. Intense research began and has continued over a period of 6 years. Using our medical professionals, we can team up together and we indeed can make a difference in our own healing. Terry shares experts she has studied intensely through research for the book, The Light GAP co-authoried with Marj Steiner. Scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists, medical scientists, physicians, and spiritual leaders will be highlighted throughout the presentation. Research is proving we indeed CAN do some pretty amazing things on behalf of our own health. God is our constant mentor. Come find out what experts telling us!

Meditation is only the beginning. Tapping into our own individual energy field and launching into Energy Medicine, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. Terry is helping make this a practical everyday experience for the novice. We all need took to fix or maintain our homes. Our bodies HOME for our soul. Our health is one of our greatest treasure. Repair is possible and maintenance is a MUST! This is never a substitute for professional medical care. It’s to add depth to the healing.

Come ready for very special learning. Higher dimensions of consciousness are designed to enhance the physical body. Yet the average person as ho idea how to cultivate this inner healing force.

Terry will be:

  • Sharing the Research; visuals to easily understand brain biology
  • Meditation; beginning techniques & new thought
  • Beyond the basics and moving into healing techniques
  • Learn a 20 minute meditation for the purpose of healing
  • Add simple TOOLS to facilitate healing
  • Take Home: Worksheet & booklet for your 9 step plan to succeed in your own unique style
  • “Feel Connection” among friends and know we are always connected to others through God



EXPANDING THE VIEW OF GOD- Watch for Future Dates!

Terry and Marj share that seeds have been planted in their lives years ago that would germinate, grow and flourish, just as plants do in the light gap in a forest.  They share the incredible power found deep inside in each human being when meditation took them to greater understandings. Finding God’s voice within brought messages from God in many forms such as books, people, friends, magazines, and even television.

By Marjorie Ashby Steiner and Terry Ashby Larkin


Goals for the Presentation:

  • Understanding death allowed them to LIVE life and take any FEAR of God away.
  • We are not our bodies; we are spiritual beings living on earth.
  • Seeds were planted during Terry’s NDE Love is all there is. We have the ability to heal ourselves. Terry was sent back for a reason – finding out why has been a journey. Concepts of time and space were expanded. “Unusual” and new experiences brought greater understanding.
  • Research has been critical ~ Science and Spirituality cannot be separated.
  • Knowing her daughter Anne was alive somewhere brought peace to Marj
  • Letting light into our lives germinated new seeds opening our minds to new thoughts and ideas. Health and healing concepts were nurtured.
  • Power of our thoughts: “Ask and you shall receive” had new meaning.
  • Going within is powerful. They have recognized and developed their energy field that EVERY human has. You’ll see it when you BELIEVE it. God sends us messages through the universe in many forms. Be open to hear and feel
  • MEDITATION is very powerful in bringing health in mind, body and spirit.