People Interacting with People

Summer is such a wonderful time of the year. We are out in nature finding the beauty in God’s world. People are enjoying  gatherings with friends and family. Vacations are implanting memories in us all. It is a natural time to relax and share in life’s joys as well as listen in compassion to people in need of our help and support. Both of us are enjoying all of these same summertime joys!

This week we are here in Eagle River together enjoying the Up North beauty that lies in Northern Wisconsin! Being at Marj’s summer home has always been a beautiful place to share as we were writing our book, The Light GAP! This time we’ve enjoyed relaxing, hiking, eating wonderful meals, and interacting with the people in this lovely town as we contemplated our presentation in this area.

All of us yearn to be a help and support to others.  Speaking in Three Lakes Wisconsin was an opportunity for us to share our book and let our stories come alive as we presented at the 3 Lakes Center for the Arts. What a wonderful venue to meet some amazing people and interact with them as we heard stories of their lives as well as ours. It is this ripple of love ever spreading between people who care about other people that is most meaningful for us.

We thank you, 3 Lakes Center for the Arts for the open discussion of the ideas we presented and it’s intersection with the honest sharing of our audience’s lives. It is amazing how things that we thought about in our earlier years came back to us again in our mid-life or retirement years bringing “new life and light” for our journey. We are grateful for the willingness of the Three Lakes Center for the Arts to open their wonderful theater for our presentation.

We are blessed beyond measure by all of the people we are meeting along our journey to share our experiences. We are enriching old ties and forging new ones.

THANK you for letting us be in your lives!

Terry & Marj

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