Let it BE…

Let it be, let it be

Let it be, let it be

Whisper words of wisdom

Let it BE…

Many of you know the Beetles Song, Let It Be. There are many beautiful verses. As I was sitting out on my deck the other day enjoying the beautiful sunshine dance in the water, I sat looking at a plant in front of me with simple green leaves flowing along my railing. It’s been there since the first week in May. And like many of us do in the spring…I sat there wondering when it was going to blossom? Isn’t it about time?

But this morning sitting on the inside porch I sat watching the rain drops in the lake.  As I was sitting in silence and pondering recent events in my life, the words kept coming to me…Let it BE. That interior place within my soul says,

” Let LIFE be what it IS. Allow life to unfold and BE in its magnificence.”

When I use my creative imagination, sometimes life simply seems to dance and be enjoyable. There are other moments when deep inner feelings surface due to unexpected changes or tough times. I know as I ALLOW myself the luxury of sub-conscious thoughts to surface, I can easily mingle them into my conscious being and simply allow them to BE…not good or bad.

Let it BE. Precious words when they are needed for deep reflection. As humans, I believe the mistake we make easily is thinking that thoughts will bring us down! Now I know I can sit with a difficult moment and allow the circling of emotions to actually bring me UP and bring a smile to an otherwise dreary day!

LIFE is precious. I know I can savor every moment knowing that there are more seeds waiting within me to germinate, grow and become beautiful! Let me share an analogy here.

Spring is such a beautiful time to let nature be our model for thought. Sometimes our minds let us think in terms of not BEING enough and not accepting where we are at any given moment. We want the big BLOSSOMS of life to simply be there first, when in fact they too had to start as a simple seed! Our culture has simply “short-circuited” our view by making us feel that we have to be more and better as we are walking through life worrying.

Greenhouses are a fabulous invention – we can walk into them and the big pots full of instant color and beauty catch our eyes and we buy them!  The blossoms are already looking full and gorgeous! BUT…we don’t stop to think about what we missed!

We missed the little seed sprouting for the first time poking up through the dirt in its tiny stem awaiting the slight green to emerge into our view. We missed the journey of the little stem to mature, adding the many green leaves as it  grew towards the light! We missed the magnificence of that beautiful moment when the first blossom began to open up in all it’s GLORY.

This Morning Glory plant arrived on my deck in early May with many green leaves emerging, no blossoms, and with hopes that the cold wouldn’t snap the energy out of it! Recently I kept thinking, “when are the blossoms going to emerge?!” That feeling of impatience is sometimes how we feel in life. We want to FORCE the beauty into our life and it simply does not work that way!

God’s love for us is SO MUCH GREATER than we know and recognize at every single moment in our lives. There is no one left uncared for ~ NO ONE. But, sometimes we’ve forgotten the realization that there is a bigger picture. I believe everything happening on our planet right now is heading all of us towards the dawning of a better world. But, can we see it now?

Each of us is experiencing our “piece” of that giant greater picture as we suffer from an illness or lose a loved one.  It’s perfectly okay to allow the darkness in our lives to mingle with the light and still be perfect in our own way at any given moment. When we know the bigger picture we know that time is the illusion and  a LOVED ONE is in their own glory transitioning into another realm ~ just as all of us will experience (again) one day. When we know we are ENOUGH in each present moment, LIGHT and LOVE are simply part of us. Click on the close up of the morning glory…

The bright light from the center is radiating outward toward the five star configuration in the middle. This photo was taken on that dreary rainy day! That is the natural light. It’s like the light radiating from each and every one of us from our hearts when we allow it to shine outward and share it with others.  We are all ONE!

We aren’t one giant morning glory…each one of us is a simple blossom nurtured in growth by the mother plant. OR maybe we are the bud flourishing in simple form waiting to open up. We might be part of the plant maturing more each day. Maybe we are the tiny gorgeous seed still germinating. We are an integral part of the WHOLE, with all of us in different places.

Let it BE! Let it be, let it be. GOD created us all in perfect GLORY to shine and blossom in our own perfect timing!

4 Comments on “Let it BE…

  1. You are a wonderful writer and I enjoyed reading this very much. The morning glory is beautiful, and the loving energy that created it and caused it to grow from that seed and to finally open for you is magnificent.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you Trudy. I totally appreciate all comments and your thoughts are lovely.

  2. Thank you Terry. This message couldn’t be more applicable to me right now.

    • Thank you for your response that this was helpful for you. I’m blessed simply KNOWING…thanks and sending hugs and love!

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