Meditation is a powerful tool to reach your soul. The purposes and types of Meditation are as varied as there are people practicing. We are lucky today to be able to find resources to help us learn meditation for the first time or refine techniques started years ago.

DSC05110Terry’s NDE and Marj’s LIGHT experience helped us see that all human beings are connected and we are important resources for each other. Terry discovered her highly active energy field resulting from her NDE, and eventually understood why her body was affecting lights, watches, computers and electronics. A book published in 2000 helped us to understand the science behind what was happening in her body, as well as why those same vibrations in meditation work to facilitate healing. Where is God is still very valuable today even though the field of electrodynamics’ energy and quantum physics has advanced greatly in 15 years. We will feature some newer authors in later BLOGS. This book is written in an easy readable style and is not as technical as many we have read.

Where God Lives by Melvin Morse, M.d. with Paul Perry

Where God Lives by Melvin Morse, M.D. with Paul Perry

Terry and Marj have found that physicians, neuroscientists, brain researchers and scientists in the field of quantum physics are all saying the SAME thing; meditation works because of the vibrational nature of our bodies. Scientific facts tell us everything vibrates and moves. Our bodies are all living matter vibrating. Faster frequencies of vibration mean getting closer to “spirit”. NDE patients have proven this concept recording brain waves. Slower vibrations keep us in the world of “problems”. We can alter these fields with our thoughts and music, often leading to a restoration of health, or…create illness! Terry experienced both! Read *Health & Healing at

Dr. Norm Shealy Energy-Medicine-By-Norm-Shealy-560x632has been studying alternative medicine since the 1960’s. All of his research is shared and you can find him on U-Tube with a great recent one called Dr. Norm Shealy on Energy Medicine. His newest book explains why energy medicine will be a focus for future health care.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, in Mind Over Medicine shares recent  research why it works and then has a very practical approach how to begin meditation and make it work for you!Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin

Perhaps you have tried meditation and did find it useful, or perhaps you were frustrated with the experience. Have 20 minutes? No? Depock Chopra says if you don’t, you probably need 20 minutes twice a day! DON’T give up! It only gets easier the more you practice! Most all people who have learned to embrace the practice have found it an amazing gift in their life for health and healing of mind, body and spirit. At the very LEAST…it lowers your blood pressure and brings a peaceful calm to your body in an over stimulated world. It brings true joy and inner peace to your soul. God lives there and he is waiting for you to let Him into your life bringing His amazing LOVE to you. Terry and Marj have found talking to God in that state is amazing. Ask questions and ask for help. God has connected the universe through people, answers often SHOW up just at the right time whether in person, in books that showed up right after, in an e-mail, at church or in line at a store! Be open, amazing things begin to happen! Pay attention in Barnes & Noble, what catches your eye on a shelf may be significant! Believe It and you will See It! (Phrase coined by Dr. Wayne Dyer)

 There are many TYPES of meditation:
  1. Silence – Some people prefer to read an appropriate text for inspiration followed by prayer and meditation in silence. Wonderful, but this can be difficult for beginners! Our minds love to jump to our TO DO lists or our WORRY about list!
  2. Guided Meditation – Many people start with a guided meditation so they are listening to someone’s voice helping them to deep breathe and relax, bringing calm. Many physicians, scientists and NDE survivors have made these now!
  3. Music driven Meditation – There are as many types of music as there are musical tastes. Most are a quiet & soft type music helping the brain relax. Some relax and “stimulate” at the same time. People often use a mantra or positive AFFIRMATIONS to help their mind embrace self-love. (VERY needed…this is not selfish love!)
  4. Medical Meditations with specific purposes for healing is now a “field of it’s own.” Watch for more BLOGS about medical meditations!
  5. Chanting Meditations have a “mystic” connotation, but research shows chanting can and does work. We have tried them with great success.
  6. Vibrational researched Meditation Music – This is a newer type of meditation we have both found to be powerful once basic techniques are learned. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s I AM Meditations and Jim Oliver’s Meditation music are using these newly discovered healing vibrational frequencies.Dyer - CD- I AM meditationsJim Oliver Healing CD'sHealing_Harmonies-120x120

Marjorie and Terry both started meditation 20 years ago and today feel very successful, but that was not always true. At first we thought there must be one RIGHT way. Now…through many experiences we have designed our own individual ones and these work the BEST. You can design your own too! We still keep our minds open to new and refined understanding of meditation.

Here are some key concepts that we hope will be helpful for you as begin. Scroll to the bottom and connect with some experts in this field!
  • Finding a “just right” place for you is important. It can be inside, out in nature, even earphones in the quietest available place with a busy family! Marj KayakingSunrise - Meditation - Terry
  • Deep breathing is a huge benefit to our bodies! Lack of Oxygen is known to cause disease and leave us feeling lethargic. Low oxygen levels (Oxytocin levels as well) are found in seriously ill patients. Using deep breathing can get our bodies into a deep state of consciousness. Once you GET to that state of consciousness – you are in an altered state.
  • Singing requires this SAME deep breathing!
  • Using our hands to transfer vibrational energy to the body has been proven to produce healing in many studies.
  • Using visualizing techniques has taken time to learn, but proven to be extremely valuable. You can “visualize” yourself right OUT of the negative!
  • Laughter Meditation – who would have ever thought of THAT one? Dr. Norm Shealy. We know laughter can be powerful, science has proven why!
  • Add a 5- minute daily yoga routine with your music. It’s a powerful combination.

Watch for more BLOGS and connections on Meditation!

Terry and Marj – Dr. Lissa Rankin – Dr. Norm Shealy and the Shealy Research Institute – Jim Oliver Vibrational Music – Dr. Wayne Dyer – I AM Meditations


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