Near-Death Experiences

Radio Interview with Terry Larkin – The Today Show on NDE’s

There are many accounts of Near-Death Experiences. In 1982 when I had mine no one was talking about them AT ALL. I had no idea that others had left their bodies and looked from above watching themselves as life went on below. I was so calm because I was pain free, feeling completely loved and peaceful and even wondering why everyone was in such a panic around my body. It helped me tremendously to begin to read that other people had experiences that were similar to mine. I began searching everywhere I went, I couldn’t keep myself from learning more. I have shelves full of books spanning 20 years that I have read. Each one is unique and I find that fascinating as well. It is only in recent years that I was able to conquer my fear of speaking in public about such a personal experience.

Radio Interview with Terry Larkin

20150226_115242Unexpectedly the opportunity came to speak about my Near-Death Experience ( NDE) on a radio show recently and perhaps you might enjoy hearing a short half hour version hosted by Nancy DeBoer at a West Michigan radio station called 1260 The PLEDGE. Here is a link so you can hear my voice telling about the experience.

The Today Show on Near-Death Experiences Friday, April 3, 2015

This week on the Today Show, there was a weeklong series about religion and spirituality. It is so wonderful that finally a prime news program is willing to take on this topic. If you did not get a chance to listen to each day’s segment, I hope you will go to our Facebook Page – The Light GAP where we have provided a link for you! We’d love it if you would hit the LIKE button our Facebook page ~ we need the support there!

I was especially pleased to hear Friday’s segment on the Today Show about Near-Death Experiences! Dr. Jeffrey Long was speaking and he has been collecting Near-Death Experience stories for many years. I have read his work; it is a great gift to us. He has written a book called Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences.

Jeffrey Long imageEvidence of the Afterlife Jeffrey Long

Anita Moorjani was speaking as well of her own recent Near-Death Experience. Marj and I have met her personally and heard her amazing story. Her book, Dying To Be ME, is fascinating and a profound read!

Anita Moojani ImageDying to Be Me   Anita Moorjani

My own story will be complete in our book, The Light GAP, but you can read my experience on our site under Our Book, here on our website. It took me a very long time to begin to talk about my experience even with my family. Marj didn’t hear every detail until after the death of her daughter Anne, in 1996. Searching for answers about life and death became a joint passion for the two of us together. Our book, which we are in the process of writing, will share that journey.

Watch for future BLOGS about significant Near-Death Experiences where we will feature specific authors. Anita Moorjani will be one of these featured authors.    Anita Moorjani     Dr. Jeffrey Long

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