Presentation: Expanding The View of God


Marjorie Steiner and Terry Larkin gave their presentation in the Northern Chicago Suburb of Glenview. It was a great evening for ALL present!

These GOALS were shared as Marj and Terry began to speak:

We will explain:
  • How taking the fear of God out of our lives, allowed us to live.
  • We are not our bodies; we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.
  • Seeds that were planted in LIGHT: sprouted, grew and flourished, then changed our lives.
  • How our thoughts change what appears in our lives, including health.
  • How meditation can be a powerful tool for mind, body and spirit.
  • We hope to plant seeds within you to expand & grow in your own unique way.
  • How our website can provide connections with ongoing thought through past and current literature, as well as update PROGRESS on our book.


The evening continued with an explanation of a Light GAP in Nature as well as a reading of a children’s book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer called I AM: Why Two Little Words Mean So Much. Parallels were drawn for adults.

DSC_0077Terry and Marj shared that seeds had been planted in their lives years ago that would germinate, grow and flourish, just as plants do in the light gap in a forest.  They shared the incredible power found deep inside in each human being when meditation took them to greater understandings. Finding God’s voice within brought messages from God in many forms such as books, people, friends, magazines, and even television.

DSC03320Terry shared her Near-Death Experience. (NDE ) “Understanding death allowed me to live life fully and took away the fear of God.” She shared that LOVE Is All there Is and concepts she learned about the suspension of time and space. She also talked about her little understood message that God had given her, “we have the ability to heal ourselves.”

This concept flourished and grew as she opened herself to new learning and research. During the years of 2007 – 2011, failing health and dark moments in her life brought even more understanding as she journeyed to amazing health in body, mind and spirit using deep meditations. She can now share her insights that failing health was a gift in her life.

DSC_0079Marj shared her Light experience that brought her to a state of pure joy and calmness at a time she had been crying 24/7 following her daughter’s death. She shared that three dreams other’s relayed to her, all ended in the same message from Anne, “Don’t worry about me, I am okay.” It was such a joy to have Kathy Pirtle, the person who had the first dream, in the audience with us. She shared how profound it was for her to be hearing how the other two dreams connected to her dream in such profound ways. Also hearing that the music she had chosen to play at Anne’s memorial service told about what Anne’s family had done the day after Anne was cremated was significant for Kathy to hear.

“Knowing, not just believing, that our daughter Anne is alive somewhere, in some form, has brought peace and happiness back into our lives.” Marj spoke of the “seeds,” that had been waiting in the darkness to germinate, and how they have sprouted and continue to grow, freeing her up to live and reach out to others. She has learned to go within for strength and guidance.
IMG_1384Marj and Terry shared the process of changing or expanding beliefs, so that a person can “believe and therefore see” the spirit at work in their own lives in new ways. They shared their stories, their research, and their insights in hopes that it will bring about new understanding. They ended with a time for questions and answers.


DSC_0076The presentation included quotes from authors, a display of adult and children’s books and meditation CD’s as resources for participants.


If you were unable to attend either of our presentations – keep watching our website. We will be offering MORE soon!

  During all presentations we share with utmost humility the happenings in our lives. You may hear thoughts and ideas you’d like to ponder in a quieter setting. We recommend a SOUL JOURNAL. You may want to reflect and nurture new possibilities by going within your own soul to ask questions. God is there. With love, compassion, and gratefulness we thank you for helping to continue the ripple created in our lives. You are an amazing creation of God. THANK you for coming!


Marj Steiner & Terry Larkin



Brian Ashby for filming for future use!


Lois Mulder PhotoArtwork : By LOIS MULDER



Jason LarkinPresentation Materials: By Jason Larkin Premier Graphics


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  1. Thank you Marj for writing about your presentation. I really enjoyed reading about what you shared. You referred to more than one presentation. When will you be giving another one? Dick & I will be back in July. We will be renting the Scott’s home for the month. Hope we can get together when we are back in IL.

    • It’s more comprehensive than that. It is sharing of the healing story, but more emphasis on sharing the research on brain biology about why meditation can change your thought patterns in relation to health. And it is sharing the tools used to facilitate healing. I am teaching some energy medicine techniques that can be done at home along with meditation or as separate exercises. We will be demonstrating and teaching some medical meditations, Healing Code techniques, Tapping, along with sharing the research about why it all works!

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