Our Book is with the Publisher – Balboa Press

Terry and Marj are celebrating!  It is with joy that we announce the manuscript for our book The Light Gap: God’s Amazing Presence is in the hands of the editorial team at Balboa Press.  Here we are working hard with our first editor and sister Lynne! IMG_0612This process was so valuable for us as writers. Lynne is brilliant as an editor and amazing as a sister.

We have gained much insight and wisdom as we worked the last two and a half years producing this book.  It tells the stories of Terry’s Near-Death Experience and Marj’s LIGHT Experience at the death of her daughter Anne, and how our lives have been changed.  Our hope is that our book will provide you with spiritual insights and practical information to inspire your life.  Our excitement is building as the editorial team has given us encouraging reviews.  We will let you know when we have a release date.

For promotion and sale of our book, we are asking you to please go to our Light Gap FACEBOOK page and hit the like button.  We need as many LIKE’s as we can get to begin our promotions for the book! Tell your friends as well!

Terry & Marj

9 Comments on “Our Book is with the Publisher – Balboa Press

  1. So happy for this next accomplishment in the progress of your book! Looking forward to and getting closer to having a copy in my hands!

    • Thank you Karen! We will be very excited to have it out in print and begin to be able to speak and share our message with those searching to know and understand God’s amazing presence in our lives.

  2. I pray that your message reaches those who need to read it as they deal with life here on earth. Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with others!

    • Thank you Joan. That is our prayer as well, there are many people dealing with very difficult life issues. We are humbled and honored to help in every small way possible.

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