Spiritual Growth in a Different Era

“When we came into this life, we might have chosen to come into the same family.”

A polish Christmas one year. Marj and Terry are the ones kneeling in what looks like meditation. In our neighborhood, each house was a different country and we visited each other. Can you believe these wild curtains we had!  Ah..memories!

There was a richness of play and creativity in our family. Five children made for a busy household. The fifth child was born when I was finishing up fifth grade.  How I loved that baby!  We still love our brothers and sisters and gather often.  I was the second child, Terry was the fourth. Our lives were not perfect. We had troubles like every other family. But the important message of being loved was always there.  We were very fortunate to have a freedom of movement that few children experience today. Nature was readily available in our neighborhood and the ability to get to quiet places such as climbing to the top of a tree or swinging high into the air on the swing or walking or sitting in a wooded area that enveloped us, gave us quiet time to listen to our inner beings. We also had the freedom to be ourselves, were encouraged to think for ourselves, both at home and in our church community. The spiritual part of life was important in our upbringing.

Terry and I played together often with our siblings when we were young. Common tasks related to gardening and preserving our produce, bonded the family together as did family gatherings with extended family, camping trips, and music. However, as the years passed we became more active away from home and the four years between Terry and I began to make more of a difference. Soon we were off to college, began our teaching careers, married, and began families in different states. We really didn’t know each other deeply as adults.

Then tragedy and amazing light experiences struck. First for Terry. She had a near-death experience when she died and came back after an accident in 1982. Then in 1996 my almost 20-year-old daughter died while on a trip to Europe. Terry and I began sharing at a deeper level as we began conversations about our light experiences and their meaning. Author’s helped us take on new beliefs and expand our understanding of how God is within each of us, not “out there” somewhere. The energy and excitement Terry and I felt during our phone conversations was amazing and kept us engaged! Our bond became strong.
Three years ago, we decided to write a book. We easily worked through any issues that came up, honoring each other’s integrity in writing. Pieces went back and forth via email to each other for editing. As the authors of The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence we honor the gifts each of us brought to this book. The bond that was forged in childhood has developed into a mature, respectful, supportive love for each other. Our gratitude abounds for the Divine Love that guides our common journey.

Many deeply conscious people say we choose our families before we come into this earthly life. Carolyn Myss called them sacred contracts.
Was it planned that we would spend our childhood together? Write this book together? Grow in love? What do you think? Let us know!




4 Comments on “Spiritual Growth in a Different Era

  1. I don’t know if it was planned or chosen – that’s an interesting viewpoint. I have always felt very blessed to have been born in America with educated and caring parents and a wonderful brother and sister. I’m sorry that we aren’t as close as we
    once were.

    • Yes, it is an interesting thought for us. Relationships can be very complicated! Our journey is full of unknowns, but perhaps we were meant to learn from our most difficult life lessons. I certainly grew spiritually from mine!

      • Right now we are dealing with my sister being diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s and it’s so shocking to see her come in and out of the present. She’s very blessed to be able to afford moving into assisted living. All three of us are dealing with many health issues. I find myself being depressed and overwhelmed by life right now. Getting older isn’t for sissies!

        • I am so sorry to hear about your current health issues. Life can be so complicated and difficult! I find daily contact with the spirit world through meditation to be so healing and helpful when life becomes overwhelming. When we get depressed about all of our situations it is even MORE important to let yourself relax into God’s amazing unconditional love, even if it is only for 20 minutes a day! Surrender the circumstances to God while you gain energy to stay positive.

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