WGN RADIO Interview… Finding Purpose and Direction

What happens when we wake up and realize our purpose in life was not our profession?

Being absorbed into LIGHT during my NDE, the greatest learning was of God’s unconditional love! We are all “connected” through God’s love to guide us as we grow in understanding life. We can access high vibrational energy through our spirit, bringing healing. What was my purpose for returning from spirit form into my earthly body? At the end of this post, you will find an interview conducted by WGN in Chicago the day before I spoke at Chicago IANDS.  In it I was sharing my Near Death Experience. I urge you to listen to it. My purpose for returning to my body after my NDE took years to understand.

Each of us has experienced tragedy, anxiety, fears and ill health at some point. As we age, we ask hard questions. Did I live my purpose here on earth? Will I have regrets? What will I experience at death? I came back with absolutely no fear of death, but I landed back into a world filled with fear of LIFE. For me I was a people pleaser instead of being myself. Once I realized I had let fear move into my body, I had to surrender that fear, and choose love in order to heal. God expects us to love and live in joy with others! We were given free choice for a reason, but we often choose worry instead of peace. Many don’t realize we have direct access to God’s guidance for daily living. It’s easier to let others tell us what to believe. Pure love lies ahead for all of us, so why do we spend our days worrying? Our culture has taught us a kind of love that is FULL of conditions, instead of “unconditional” as God meant. Self-love is huge in that formula. We know we should “love our neighbor as ourselves”. We can’t do that if we don’t love ourselves FIRST. We can’t give away what we don’t have. Unfortunately, our culture has groomed us to put others first. We tend to love ourselves and others with so many conditions, we have lost our way to accept God’s unconditional love.

Sharing my NDE has helped me grow in amazing ways personally. Our inter-related connection to each other was laid out in front of me and absorbed as knowledge. Others feel what we think and feel. That is a scientific fact ~ our thoughts are pure energy vibrating around our bodies. What type of energy are you sharing with others?
I learned that my purpose in life is to be that love, share that love with others and be a messenger, an ambassador of love in a very troubled world. I am on stage expanding people’s view of God, giving workshops, and sharing the HOW TO of self-love and healing. I am helping others find their own Divine inner wisdom. Each of us is meant to live our OWN path through faith, love and non-judgment. God’s voice is there to help us. You can learn how to recognize it! Teaching young children prepared me for my life’s purpose to TEACH God’s love for all of us!

We have so much to share with one another! When we are awake enough to question our purpose in life, our inner wisdom will open WIDE through light. Learn the art of intuition. God talks to you there bringing love and peace, especially in troubled times!

WGN Radio Interview with Terry Larkin

Enjoy the interview. Just click on the above and you will be linked to WGN for the interview with Jennifer Weigel with Terry Larkin. Don’t be surprised ,  the program at WGN is called, I’m Spiritual Dammit! And I AM spiritual…I share in love for all!

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  1. What a great interview! I was rapt! Even though I’ve read the book, hearing your experience in your own voice is even better. Now I think you should do an audio version of the book. And I really admire the skills of the interviewer. She asked the perfect questions. Thank you both.

  2. What a great interview! Yes Terry your passion and inspirations shine through. I hope that people will get the book and use it to enrich their lives as it has enriched mine, Blessings, Cyndi Brown

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