Birth and Death Go Together

Once we know beyond any doubt that there is life beyond this Earth world we live in, we can celebrate both birth and death.  They go together.  We experience these cycles because it is all connected.  We are all connected.

Each of us is a unique being.  While in human form we sense soul energy differently depending on the human conditioning we have had throughout our life.  Suzanne Giesemann, a medium whose work has helped me grow in understanding, talks about the soul senses that we all have.  Human senses allow us to hear with our ears, see with our eyes, feel with our touch.  Soul senses mean that you have visual without using your eyes, you can hear without using your ears.  You need to be in tune with your body, to be aware of the soul senses.  Spirit will use your body to get through to you.  As I have described in Terry’s and my book THE LIGHT GAP: God’s Amazing Presence, beginning on page xi of the introduction, I had such an experience of being contacted by a Spirit using soul senses.  This experience taught me that we do communicate with the souls on the other side of the veil.

It has been an unusual day for me as I am writing this blog.  I am overjoyed with the birth of my granddaughter today! Also, I am keeping in touch with my sisters who are by the side of a friend or a family member in the process of dying.  Life can be like that!   I am reminded of soul senses – Spirit messages –  being used during these birth and death events.

I have been talking to my husband who died recently and sensing that he has met the soul of the little baby, his and my granddaughter, before she came from the spirit realm.  Suzanne Gieseman, who is a medium, shares with us in one of her books her experience of meeting her grandson who was in the spirit realm with Suzanne’s step-daughter who was hit by lightning while pregnant and died.   I am remembering the face of my mother when she was “seeing” a soul greeting her as she was so close to death.  A friend shared with me that she visited a common friend just days before her death and her face was lit up with the light of JOY. I am sure that some of you have had experiences like these where souls senses are being shared.

“We are a field of energy.  Our bodies are a costume we wear when we are in a body.  It is like orbs that show up. We are a being of LIGHT.  We are consciousness.  Some people can see the light and colors that surrounds us.  A loved one draws near to you.  It is really happening energetically.  The spirit form of your loved one is making a connection with you in your human body, one field to another field, and you are becoming one merged field.”

           Suzanne Giesemann

My hope is that we can feel the JOY, the pure LOVE,  that our loved ones are feeling  as they  go to what we often call Heaven.  Just like we feel the pure LOVE that a newborn baby brings to us as they join us here on Earth.

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