LIVE Life Boldly!

Live Life BOLDLY!

As I reflect on life recently, I’m realizing more than ever that LIFE is presented to us each day through the lense of our own vision created from within.  And yet, the opportunities we are given may seem very little like an opportunity we would even WANT to take! I believe there is a deep seated, culturally nurtured idea that at any given time in our lives, we have a “good choice” that will help us feel happy, supported, and free from guilt. We know we are part of a very large group of amazing people awakening to the truth of our existence so we love hearing the words of others to help us journey in our own way. As all of you know, I too have been nurtured by the learning from others.

I’m so excited for Marj to celebrate a new tiny life in her family. I am celebrating  a LIFE well lived for 97 years that is still continuing through difficult times. I’m also working through difficult emotions as health challenges present themselves to the love of my life. As Marj so eloquently spoke of in our last post, life, death and living boldly during difficult moments can and do live together!

Something or someone is helping this beautiful 97 year old hold on in THIS life. My love watches the suffering…and helps me “worry” about her quality of life moving forward.  This experience is continuing my understanding of life. My own perceptions of life and death are reminding me, I am NOT in control of anyone’s life besides my own!”  When I let go of any outcome …that is where peace through God’s love for each of us helps us LIVE Life Boldly! Difficult times help us learn to LIVE life in a bold and beautiful way even through the pain!

We all tend to look at what is and worry about what is next, or we worry about past events and wonder if in some way we didn’t do what we should have done at the time. Unfortunately sometimes we have plenty of people around us making SURE to remind us! ( I’ve had lots of experience with that) And yet, NONE of these thoughts helps us navigate the present! LIVE life boldly means we continue life through even the worst of moments and experiences in our lives!

Recently this quote came to me by a friend at just the right moment.

“It has been well said that no one ever sank under the burden of the day. It is when tomorrow’s burden is added to the burden of today that the weight is more than one can bear. Never load yourself so, my friends.” ~ George MacDonald

And I will ADD to that statement that too often we add even MORE to the burden of today…we add the past as well.

Over the past few weeks my learning and understanding of LIFE seemed to be validated by the very concepts that ALLOW healing to take place when I offer a Reconnective Healing Session to another person. What is the  critical component for healing to take place through its own beautiful way?

“Letting go of any control over the outcome.”

The outcome is totally in the hands of the person “receiving” during our healing session. The connection made through GOD, SOURCE, LOVE, our Creator, is strictly their own. So often we WANT that person, or ourselves,  to heal or pass on so badly, we begin to decide how that healing should take place. BUT, it does not work that way! I knew that from my own experience in healing…I had to surrender the outcome! So too with any healing session.

God’s beautiful GRACE is shared through people in our lives. It was humbling for me recently to simply “let go” of any thoughts I had about how or when a life would end. I am always overwhelmed as I place myself into that beautiful “memory” of my NDE…the unbelievable LOVE, Peace and lack of any and all suffering. It’s difficult to watch a person suffering trying to hold on to this life. BUT, I still have to surrender any control of when or how another person passes into the ever life!

As we move into LIVING our own life boldly and with great purpose, it is so important to simply allow each person’s decisions about life to be honored and completely their own.  Each person’s journey is simply PERFECT for them.  It is so easy for us to look at another person with a critical heart instead of a loving and compassionate one. I truly believe that we absolutely CANNOT see the whole picture and why events happen or don’t happen. That is why our love for ALL is so vitally important.

I loved this channeled message through my good Reconnective Healing friend Justin Victor recently. It reminded me that “I will receive what I need” at any given moment. I can TRUST that even the most difficult of situations were there on my journey because I had something to learn. My thought? Simply say THANK YOU for this experience…and I can take another step along my own journey in confidence!

All of these experiences help me  honor every other soul on their own journey who’s paths are crossing my own. Awakened Way recently simply summed up the very complicated emotion of LOVE…through all of LIFE.

“Have you ever loved someone or something with all your heart? Take that feeling and turn it around. Know that you are loved this much and more by the Source of your being. By grace, in a moment of sheer bliss, you will understand this feeling and know how very loved you are. And then, dear one, you will want nothing more than to turn that feeling around again and give it to every other being who has not yet had this sacred realization. And that is how it goes with Love, for it cannot be contained. It is meant to be spread about liberally, this contagious elixir called Love in its most Divine form.  You are so very loved.”

~March 27, 2023  Sanaya…shared by Suzanne Giesemann

SO…LIVE Life Boldly through that love no matter what happens in it!

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