“When I belong to myself, I belong to the whole human family.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Some days my practices, habits and self care routines simply launch my day into positive thinking. I know that daily habits can and do make a difference in my life.

There are days when my mind simply FLOWS into the positive even when an obstacle launches my body into “auto anxiety”. It’s usually about a disappointment or reality check about situations in which I have no control. ( Or so I think!) Oh, I could make a whole list of those that show up in my life, but I’m sure your list is more important to YOU! So…imagine spending every day with a mind that helps you support your happiness, inner peace, and success!

We really CAN develop lifelong habits or strategies for dealing with whatever stresses come our way. Now you will notice I titled this post Daily WISDOM ~ not daily habits. During this past month, there were many days where my daily habits were simply not possible. So does that mean my days were doomed to be full of negative thinking? Not if I allow my wisdom to take over.

Well, it is easy to allow old habits instead. But, let’s consider an alternative! WISDOM ~ what do I KNOW deep within? Awakening to truths is a gradual climb for each and every one of us. Perhaps if I started with what have I learned, understood, and ALLOWED into my deepest being of self?  That introspection might launch me on a designed path that is pretty easy to follow. Try it with me, and then YOU might be able to design your own plan that works for you!

WISDOM, what do I KNOW that has arrived from deep within?

  • I AM…always LOVED by a God that supports my every thought THROUGH love. I am helped as I navigate difficult emotions that can permeate this lifetime as Terry Larkin.
  • My soul, my spiritual SELF is my perfection ~ it is WITH me every moment of every day.
  • Gratitude for every aspect of life deepens my feeling of love.
  • Practicing Empathy threaded with gratitude allows me to feel happier, more compassionate and more caring.
  • I AM a child of GOD…therefore I AM love.
  • Healing is CONNECTING to GOD, my Source of energy, love and light.
  • I AM the light! EVERY healing opens the inner light that exists in every human being.
  • Love of self without judgment KEEPS me from judging another of God’s children!

So, in a way, if I tap into my DAILY WISDOM list…I’m navigating my life through my soul. Now that is a daily habit I CAN help my brain absorb. Of course I have to “remind” myself. At any moment I can simply touch my heart and whisper…

“THANK YOU God for (whatever showed up) for me today!”  Beautiful, good, sad, or incredibly difficult…it matters not. There’s an instant rush of high energy throughout my body as I reflect on the wisdom list I have generated.

In the morning, after meditation and yoga, I try to always check on some of my support team! It is a habit. Today was perfect for ME. I wrote the above words as they came to me and THEN after that I opened my phone to read. I found SO MUCH support for my thoughts…they launched my day into the best it could possibly be. I write on Mondays, process through the week, confer with Marj about ideas, and post on Fridays. But this is what I FOUND…

1. A NOTE from the Universe ~ March 13, 2023  LOVE, TUT….www.tut.com – Michael Dooley

 “Really and truly, Terry, having, doing, and being require so little when you visualize them already done.”   So little,


“Thoughts become things…choose the good ones!”  

P.S. “And less still, Terry, when you do it with a smile on your face, and joy in your heart, and a swivel in your step.” 


2. Awakened Way Daily Message ( March 13, 2023)  – Suzanne Gieseman through Sanaya

“What you focus upon becomes your reality. Instantly. In this case, we are speaking of the way chemicals course through the body in response to thoughts. Thoughts of gratitude release pleasure hormones. Thoughts of judgement and negativity release stress hormones…Who controls your thoughts? Not you dear one. Just try to control the next one, and you will see how futile it is to tame the mind for long.”

WHAT?? Says…my voice after trying to empty my mind during meditation!

“You can however, train the mind to focus on gratitude, to change your point of view to a higher one. This truly changes the pathways within the body, and hence the pleasure vs. stress you experience.   You are so very loved.” …thank you for that clarification!

3.Course of Miracles…Daily ACIM Message from the Miracle Distribution Center on Monday, March 13

Lesson 67  Love created me like itself. The notes explained that any attribute we can think of in accord with God, we can express using this idea. They gave these examples… and I could think of so many more!

Holiness created me HOLY.

Kindness created me Kind.

Helpfulness created me Helpful.

Perfection created me Perfect. 

4. Neale Donald Walsch … I Believe God Wants you to Know (Daily…but this on Monday, March 13)

” Today, walk in Awareness. Do so by simply choosing to do so. Allow yourself to be aware of every person’s feelings, of what fits perfectly and is ‘right’ in every moment, of what is wanted and needed from you as a healer and a messenger Right Here, Right Now. Walk in this Awareness, and watch your life change today.”

5. And then a TEXT on Monday…from Tom, one of our “friends” in our own Spiritual Light GAP Exchange Circle.

Maija quote…”Your soul was born from Infinite Love and returns to it when your body is done. Savor your time on Earth.”

6. Lastly my  You Tube share. I could share a whole long list of YouTube meditation music or videos I have found, but this is really a favorite right now. The TITLE if you put in search is: Archangel Raphael Healing Meditation, Heal Damage in the Body, 432 Hz, Emotional & Physical. This is a link if you click on it.  You could call it one of my GO TO places. I simply call it up on my phone and listen through my earphones…and YES, it really helps me CONNECT without an agenda!

YES…I will keep my list of WISDOM for Daily Living! And oh YES, it is TIME to simply savor and ENJOY every moment during my limited time on Earth! 



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  1. Thank you for all of this. I have been getting Mike Dooley’s daily messages from the Universe for many years now. Probably over 20 years. I love the others, too. lv,t

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