Is God Sending Us Messages? Is it Easier to HEAR in Nature?

As we wrote the introduction to our book, The Light GAP:God’s Amazing Presence we posed a set of questions in our introduction. We found ourselves asking such questions during our spiritual awakening moments. We knew many other people were asking these same questions. One of the questions was:

“Is God sending messages through people into the world?”

 I know beyond a shadow of doubt, the answer is YES! But, are we listening? Some people are in a “sleeping state” of non-belief. There is a Universal Mind we are all connected through, and a massive growing number of people are AWAKENING to our connection with the spirit world that exists right around us. That communication happens absolutely anywhere. However, there is something that happens in NATURE begging us to slow down our lives, our minds, and listen. Marj’s blog last week showed how beautiful meditation in nature could be. This sunset is Lake Michigan…but the sun sets EVERYWHERE, and this is a powerful moment when the connection to the spirit world is closer than during the day. So is the sun rising, that’s why all meditation experts say this is our best time to quiet our own mind and listen to our soul in quiet. 

Nature has always been very powerful in our lives. I recognized how beauty in our world brought great joy into my life as a child. My childhood was not always joyful, but I loved spending time outdoors playing and enjoying “nature’s” playground. I was always drawn to the beach spending my days swimming and socializing. Water was calming. Our family camped in rustic places in a huge tent, so we were exposed to “living” in nature appreciating lakes, forests, birds, bears and other wildlife!

But, I cannot say I gave much thought as to why I felt peaceful and in awe seeing beauty around me. During my adult life, I sought out these same places across the globe and especially in the mountainous regions. Why is that? Did my mind and body crave it? I knew that God created our world in outstanding beauty for us to enjoy, but maybe there is much more happening when our bodies are out in nature!

As I began to expand my consciousness and connect with a greater reality of God’s world ~mystical experiences expanded as well. Belief that God, spirits, and angels are there with us brought very real physical connections that can be felt by the body. Years ago I would have missed the “feeling” of a spirit presence because I was blind to the possibility. I was in that “sleeping state” of non-belief. This is not negative by the way, just a sign of growth in understanding God’s Amazing Presence in our lives. “Nature’s playground” is back in my life in a big way. It helps me stay spiritually connected through God’s love and grounded in my faith.

Recently, I spent a week out in our “Little House in the Woods” ~ our trailer parked in a lovely state park near the shore of Lake Michigan. Early morning walks on beautiful trails through forests listening for bird sounds were leading me to sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. Listening to the lapping sound of the water was like “music” to my body. At home I use music to raise my vibration level and open spiritual pathways, but nature provides music for our souls. My slow walks were my morning meditations! At 6AM I didn’t have any company to disturb my thoughts. Click on this and you will hear my thoughts one quiet morning. Lake Michigan Water VIDEO (when you click on this, let the image sit a moment and it will begin on its own)

Did you know that our physical body is made of the VERY SAME elements as the earth? This is a fairly recent scientific finding and studies are currently being done trying to show why this is very important knowledge for us as a human species. Scientists believe our bodies were “hard wired” to exist within nature. Is it possible that nature is communicating with us? There is not any one of us who hasn’t felt an amazing presence of God in nature. Did God create our bodies to be receptors? Due to our busy lives and for some people a total disconnect with nature, is it harder for them to believe in the awesome power of God? We are ALL connected through God. Are we ALL experiencing that disconnection to a degree as a human race?

Communicating with nature of course is a pretty WILD idea. But there is scientific research being done in this area right now because scientists believe we ARE hard wired to nature! At you can find out who is conducting this research. It is called Global Coherence Research: Human-Earth Interconnectivity.  This is a link to the page that science minds might be interested! It’s fascinating reading!

“ Every cell in our body is bathed in an external and internal environment of fluctuating invisible magnetic forces that can affect virtually every cell and circuit in biological systems.”

The Heart Math Institute speaks of how nature affects our emotional and physical health. They are conducting tests to see if  their theories are correct. I am so impressed by the fact that they have stations all over the world! Check it out!

Why is this important? Our ability to connect with our inner soul is the pathway to hear messages from God sent to YOU! Nature may be the platform in which your heart finds it easier to listen and hear daily guidance from spirit. Not only do you hear daily guidance, but the most peaceful loving presence is absorbed into your body so that you can tap on it at will during your wakeful moments ALL day!

Come join us next Friday as we explore more of this fascinating topic! Summer is our perfect opportunity to conduct our OWN research. Are you with us?




2 Comments on “Is God Sending Us Messages? Is it Easier to HEAR in Nature?

  1. What a beautiful meditation. Thank you.
    It takes maybe 10 minutes to download the video. I guess my system is slow. But I let it work and suddenly heard waves! That is a beautiful sound. God’s world set to just keep going, wave after wave after wave.
    Wonderful peaceful ideas.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Lynne. I love your phrase you used, “God’s world set to just keep going, wave after wave after wave.” That just sums it all up. Our earthly life goes on wave after wave, and our eternal life is simply opening up the next wave!

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