“Go to the church within your heart,

into the silence.

It is here that you seek and it is here that you will find what has been waiting for you all along. The true yearning to find what you already have never dies, nor does the joy when you find it again.”

Pg. 30 This is For You…(Whispers to the Soul)   by Deirdre DeWitt Maltby

I’ve been going into the “church” within my heart for many years now.  The yearning to make sense out of a totally beautiful  new world experienced during my NDE never dies. The joy when you find it is indescribable because of the power of unconditional love enveloped in incredible light. In Seattle at the International IANDS Conference for 4 days,  I was wrapped in that love again because  I was in the company of so many other people that were speaking of experiencing and being with the all powerful love and light of God. I was engulfed in the high energy surrounding totally loving people. There were over 80 speakers, and every single one of them spoke about the inner strength, light, and power that exists within each one of us.

Everyday people from every walk of life came to this conference from across our country, even Hawaii and  Alaska. There were many  from Canada, UK, Europe, Africa and even a few from Australia. And all of these people were milling about and signing books in the IANDS incredible bookstore!  That’s just like our lives, all around us exists people with incredible wisdom if we choose to look and listen. 

About half of the attendees had NDE’s and another large group had STE’s; LIGHT  experiences, spirit encounters, visions, or other Spiritually Transforming Experiences.  Some came because their spouse or a family member had NDE’s or STE’s and they don’t quite know how to identify with them yet! My husband Doug understands their need. There were a large group who came as interested spiritual seekers who have realized that there is REAL information and research being shared by medical professionals, researchers and scientists that can make a difference in their own lives once they cross through the veil of disbelief into KNOWING these events are very real.

We can learn from all of our experiences and insights.  KNOWING arises out of NOT KNOWING…a place we have all been and continue to be as we experience our awakening journey. I met the simple souls and the famous in this bookstore signing books and having incredible conversations. Diedre DeWitt (quoted above) volunteered her time to keep this book store running smoothly.  What a beautiful soul, who let her wisdom and insight land into my heart in her small book, Whispers From The Soul. She helped me listen even more carefully to the “whispers” of my heart. You have whispers arriving to your heart too, but the door needs to be open to hear them!

I have struggled how to SHARE this incredible feeling with all of you. All of you are Divine creations of God just like those I met at this conference. All of the NDEers and others attending this conference talked about how important it is for all of us to share our stories of love because we are opening doors and laying pathways towards a more peaceful and compassionate world. My presentation went very well. I was humbled hearing expressions of gratitude as they were able to identify with the struggles of my journey to understand new and different information in an era when speaking of the extraordinary was not easy. Marj’s presence was missed, but they loved hearing about our intertwined lives full of miraculous stories.  I found these people talked about their stories so very easily!  My insights in the area of  healing were affirmed by so many. I had countless questions and discussions with people near my poster area. YOUR sharing with people around you is so important in our world.

Stories are bursting from within me that need to be told because they have touched a memory inside of me that was placed there by God. It’s a “remembering” of why we are here living as a soul inside of this earthly body.  It was tempting to send you one VERY long blog! But, I have come to realize I need to start with tiny pieces and let them unfold naturally.  I can say without a doubt that the most powerful learning from every story I heard is that no one has to die or come close to death to capture this incredible love.  We were all born with this light, a gift from God to help you “remember” your true home. That’s the yearning you feel inside because in many ways you DO remember this incredible unconditional love, you were in it before you were born. The true LIGHT of God was placed inside every one of us waiting for it to burst out in joy with the love of life! We can help each other find and fan the flames of that beautiful light. Interaction with other people is critical because people are God’s natural pathways for his work. I experienced the pathways in Seattle, but you are a pathway for someone in your life!

I felt honored to sit at Eben Alexander’s table for lunch one of the days. (The neuroscientist that wrote Proof of Heaven, Map of Heaven, and Living in a Mindful Universe.) I had an awesome discussion with him regarding my understanding of healing. As a neurosurgeon, his insights are profound for the medical field. I will be sharing his wisdom soon!

While I was across from Eben at this lunch, I ended up sitting next to Pim van Lommel, MD. He is a world renowned cardiologist from the Netherlands. What a delightful man, and our discussions were profound.

His research is astounding covering so many areas with the insights of a cardiologist and the understanding of patients as he followed them in life after their NDE. He is making a difference in the lives of medical professionals. He published his initial study of near-death experiences in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet. He eventually resigned his post as a practicing cardiologist to devote his time to further research and lecturing all over the world on near-death experience. I had to have his book of course, Consciousness BEYOND LIFE: The Science of the Near-Death Experience. It’s a bit deep for a lot of people, but I am very intrigued! I will share more from this man’s ‘s work because it is significant to our journey to understand life. His keynote message was very powerful learning and I will be sharing lots of that soon!

Listen to the whispers of your heart, it is your soul expressing itself through unconditional love!

Love yourself fearlessly.

Take action on your whispers with compassion. 

Your love expressed changes lives around you.


“When the power of love becomes stronger than our love for power, our world will change.”
~ Pim van Lommel, MD








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