The World Wide WEB…of God

WEB…what amazing images can exist in our mind these days due to the WEB! The world wide WEB, what does this word mean to you? Technology can provide amazing images for us to view now that even 30 years ago we were relying on magazines, movies, occasional TV specials and books to be able to experience. And of course 100 years ago, those images were extremely hard to find without being a world traveler. Now we have a much larger”view” into the amazing diversity on our planet. Of course those images can be totally spectacular, or they can also be frightening as we view nature’s tragedies and violence in our world. Our “mind” is exposed to so much now, but always throughout history the unknown was the most frightening of all. People dreamed up all kinds of things in their minds. And many people wrote about mystical experiences that were not always understood. What is in the world that we cannot see…YET? We say God, but from my point of view God is definitely not hidden!

I remember vividly the images of our planet earth when they first emerged from NASA once we were in outer space. We were all in total AWE, but there were even some people who said that men walking on the moon was all made up. For me this was God showing up in real life. It’s hard to believe now that space travel was once the total unknown and frightening for some and totally exciting to “dream” about for others. Mars is probably our next destination into space! It has always been that way throughout all the new advances in history. I’m going to ask you to ponder something new today…

Ask yourself, what is the  next wave of technology our grandchildren will be exposed to by the time they are adults with children? Will there actually be a “phone” that allows us to talk to deceased relatives? At the IANDS Conference I heard that the people who are  working on such a device are making amazing new progress. Can you imagine it?  Maybe in our lifetime? Mediums tell us that their services will no longer be needed some day because we are ALL created by God with the same body, the same mind, and the same abilities. That means that perhaps there IS something to telepathic communication across the veil. I  experienced a very real visitation by my niece Anne as told in our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence. 

I had a conversation with her, saw her looking amazing as she laughed,  and heard and saw her dog Zeke with her! His collar rattled and I heard him bark as he jumped on the bed. 

How many people that I shared that story with thought I was making it up? It was VERY real. In telling the story, Anne Pryor,  whom I want you to meet says, “I can totally relate to this experience…let me tell you!” She told her story, and I was the one to be amazed. She can’t wait to meet Marj, mother of Anne! There are countless written accounts of such happenings in books written by common people like Marj and I. And there are countless people that have shared those experiences with others, but too many were terrified to speak up in churches! Yes, there are people who doubt, but remember Thomas from the Bible. Was my visitation an After Death Communication? YES, for sure. This is a new acronym that IANDS is using in helping people validate and understand that communication from diseased loved ones does in fact come through to many of us. How many of you have heard a voice? How many of you experienced an unusual type of communication following the death of a parent, child or loved one, but were afraid to call it real?

We are ALL connected in a gigantic WEB called our Universe…and when we open a door to new kinds of communication, you will experience a totally new WEB. What sense might open for you? Hearing, feeling, seeing, touch, taste? OR a combination of senses which so many NDE’ers like myself shared; we experienced it in the afterlife. Will you hear red? Will you taste love? Will you feel and hear the yellow of the sun as it it settles into your mind?


W: Wonderfully

E: Exceptional

B: Beginnings

…For YOU and anyone that can open a door into your mind!

Let me introduce you to an amazing woman I met in Seattle at the IANDS Conference. She is from the Minneapolis area. She and I had lots of time to talk and share because her poster was right near mine. I loved hearing her story and I thought you too would enjoy it! She is a totally delightful person.

Her name is Anne Pryor, an artist and soul painter who’s  talents arrived after a very close friend died. She was was inspired through an After Death Communication (ADC) with her friend Irene. The experience totally changed her life. Irene literally said to her, ” I will help you paint!”

Lovitude means Love and Gratitude, the highest energy in the Universe. Anne was inspired to create this trademarked symbol in 2005 while getting her Master’s Degree in Human Development and Holistic Health and Wellness.

Anne’s Lovitude™ Soul Paintings have been called ‘visual blessings’. She was inspired to paint through after death communications (ADC) by her friend, Irene. Anne creates vivid images to elucidate, awaken, and activate souls using ink, her breath, and essential oils. Anne was not an artist before these messages.

These “visual blessings” are sought-out globally. Her unusual technique is created with ink, inspired with her breath (no paint brushes), and essential oils including Frankincense, Myrrh. Each painting is infused with gold and painted on clear plastic and other media.

Her paintings were totally beautiful, arriving through the soul of her friend Irene, who had died and wanted her to communicate through this medium. A door opened up in her world at a time when she was living in devastating grief for a very close friend.  She shared pictures of her friend and her whole story of connecting with her. And yes she was “hearing” and “talking” to a person who is now living in soul form. And the communication continues as she expands her whole new world of art.  She was listening from her heart and hearing communication from that  unbelievable and  indescribable place we will all go when we open the next door of our life beyond our current body. After returning home, I went to her website and I fell in love with her all over again! WOW. I highly recommend going to her website to see her amazing work. She now has an art studio and the next time I am in Minneapolis,  I will be stopping in for a visit for sure! Check it out, you will be glad you did! And here is something Anne told me when we were talking , but in this blog I have done a copy and paste from her website.   ENJOY. As you read this, please imagine what our thoughts can and do for our bodies EVERY day!


Anne Pryor experimented with cooked rice to see how her energy could affect rice (which is 80% water, the same as our bodies). She talked with loving kindness to the rice on the left, below, and with anger to the rice on the right, below, each day for 30 days. Anne observed that within 5 days the rice on the right turned black. She realized what her thoughts could do to rice. “If my thoughts can change rice just think what my thoughts are doing to me and those around me.” She encourages people to stay positive in your thoughts, words and actions. They matter. She had the privilege of spending time with Dr. Emoto, author of “Hidden Messages in Water”. Read about his experiments:

Will you open your own life to a new kind of WEB? Wonderful, Exciting, and  with new Beginnings? God is there in unconditional love…it’s only the unknown that is sometimes scary. Listening to stories of others who have opened new doors into their lives is beautifully rich for all of us. We are helping each other expand through the WEB of God, just as planned for our Universe!




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