As I prepare for my talk in Seattle, I have been noticing some interesting learning as different people’s ideas float through my memory. The thoughts brought into my conscious mind are from words read in books. There are some authors that have really left deep impressions with  me. I realize that the ones that resonated with me the most have validated many thoughts and ideas that I have presented to audiences. Today as I was deciding on a writing topic, P.M.H. Atwater came to mind. She is relatively new to me, I heard her speak at the International IANDS Conference that took place in Denver a year ago. I was unable to attend, so I purchased the ability to hear all of the lectures and she was one of them. I LOVED her talk and quickly realized I would need a few of her books and wanted to listen to You Tube videos of hers. She has really helped me process the balance needed to be both human and spirit at the same time. She’s fun and very practical. I love that.

For a long time Marj and I have talked about our two forms, HUMAN and SPIRIT. When we refer to the human side of us we tend to think of our body and the person called by a name given to us at birth. We know life is eternal and our spirit or soul has existed in another form in both other earthly experiences as well as in the heavenly realm with God. Quantum physics, my NDE, Marj’s LIGHT Experience, and writers from every genre all help us realize our existence is totally baffling to comprehend when someone states that this world is an illusion… a co-creation with God and our mind. Some days I wish I was a Quantum Physicist that could adequately explain that idea. Other times I am VERY happy that I’m NOT! Debating about the topic is fascinating and even a little intimidating when we realize the power of our thoughts in that existence. The reality is that we need to integrate our life as both spirit and human and navigate our existence so we can enjoy this life!

I had to chuckle when P.M.H. Atwater playfully tells us that our bodies talk to us all the time, we just aren’t listening. She is one of a few who helped me comprehend that she means that literally! She tells us to have whole conversations with our bodies. “OK, how are you feeling today heart? Are you racing for a reason here? And lungs, are you filled with quality air today? Why am I breathing so heavily after I climbed those stairs? And bladder, is it more water you need today?” She suggests we listen carefully and we WILL hear an answer. It took me a long time to comprehend that our angel guides DO answer because they exist in and around our body. They know us intimately and in total unconditional love. They can’t and don’t judge, they just let us know so we can hopefully react with the love our body deserves. I love the phrase, “our body is the temple holding our soul, so treat it reverently.” So we have three bodies? YES. I will use the terms Ms. Atwater used in her latest book, just released in 2017  called  A Manual for Developing Humans.  

  1. Physical Body – Visible and Overt
  2. Energy Body – Invisible and Subtle
  3. Spirit Body – In-Between/the Soul

When I read her book, I just couldn’t get enough of it! The premise in this whole book is that it is a guide for people once they totally REALIZE and COMPREHEND that they are a spirit occupying a body in this earthly existence. She helps the reader to comprehend a lot of concepts that all spiritually awakening people are struggling with. PMH Atwater was told to write this book during her third near-death experience. But, then when she wrote it her guides said, “Wait, the world isn’t ready yet.” She set it aside and while she has written more than 15 books since, she held on to this one until she heard from spirit; the time is NOW! Hmm… 2017. Three years until 2020. Significant? I don’t know, it isn’t mentioned.

The book is based entirely on threes, there are no chapters…only the development of conscious, subconscious and superconscious aspects to each topic of life for a human on earth now! I loved hearing that her three NDE’s were in 1977…even before mine! She has been researching the NDE phenomenon since 1978, and is considered a world authority on the subject. I DID NOT know her when Marj and I wrote our book!! Now, I am thrilled to have discovered her amazing wisdom. So…I needed to share with all of you!

Her book does have PARTS rather than chapters.  All of them are referred to as the “triune”.  The concept of life in threes is not new…in fact very old. As we know the Bible refers to the “triune” often. Her explanations in each PART are fascinating. . Each PART is significant to our lives as humans. There are parts that I needed to go back and re-read to comprehend, but it is such a “practical” guide to life, I am LOVING it. It sits now in my meditation space to pick up and read to remind me of the richness of its content. Her contact with the spirit world both during her NDE and after provide an amazing and very practical guide for all of us!

Today I will share  a short suggestion from it! I plan to continue to share a lot of her wisdom as we write more blogs..it is THAT good! I hope I can do her justice as I try to condense her ideas into a short share!

BREATHING…I have always known that it is a key ingredient in amazing health! Every meditation technique begins with the breath. Yoga, QiGong, and Tai Chi  are full of great thoughts on breath. I have written blogs in the past about the importance of DEEP breathing every day. You know that deep in the belly type of breathing makes such a difference. It is built into my Integrated Spiritual Workshop in our book as well as discussed in more detail in Chapter 9.

While I have studied yoga for many years, I have never gotten a good explanation as to why you see people with their hands on their knees with their fingers in this position…I took a picture so you can visualize this. Yogis always say it’s good to do, but why? Ms. Atwater’s explanation jumped right into my sub-conscious level, or the beeline to Universal truth that says…YES!

“Placing the fingers of both hands in this position automatically enables the air we breathe to fill all five lungs lobes, while grounding and stabilizing the fullness of breath over our diaphragm and solar plexus (mid section of our body).” She goes on to explain that if we do this often…not just during meditation but while watching a movie or TV, relaxing, it “retrains your breath flow as it increases lung capacity.” There are no gimmicks or counting breaths or exercise, just a habit…bring the fingers to your lower chest-position. She says that if we do this simply by our fingers,we can be…

  • calmer, steadier, more comfortable and at ease with your body
  • desirous of telling the truth, and being recognized as trustworthy
  • more interested in and motivated by spiritual practices
  • able to sing easier and hold musical notes longer and fuller
  • stronger and more prepared for physical activities

Wow…and then, I quote, ” If you learn nothing else from this manual, learn to do this!”

As I continued reading I was amazed to see FACE yoga, which I discovered on line a few years ago and fell in love with. More on that soon.

This is only a tiny fraction of her wisdom shared and so much is what I have learned, wrote about, AND will be teaching in the future! She goes on to talk about movement is LIFE. As I read her books now, I am so thankful…and will order MORE from this amazing woman.

“Our inner world influences our outer world; our outer world reflects our inner world. Our body is the monitor of balance in-between.”

~P.M. H. Atwater






6 Comments on “Our 3 BODIES

  1. With such great love you always start to explain new ideas that are coming to you. It’s almost like you have felt them and made them part of you and then experienced an opening to potential.
    Please keep writing and sharing. Is this part of the recognition people have known, ? sometimes not knowing why? Or is the symbol intended to be different.

    • Hi Lynne! This a practice that is well known and is taught along with most yoga practices. I think many people just picked up the practice not really knowing or asking what the purpose was. That was true of me, I had also been told it completed the circle back around through your body, which is true!

  2. Terry. Really good article. Well written.
    I wii be looking for Ms Atwater’s books.
    Have a good weekend!
    Pat C. ???

    • Thank you Pat!I think you will really enjoy and benefit by them.
      Love and Light!

    • Hi Carlita,

      It has always been in many places throughout our website. But, we have added it now right on the front page as well as on each blog we have written.

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