The Mystery of LOVE


The Mystery of LOVE

Marj and I send absolute LOVE to ALL of you!  Happy Valentine’s Day…a few days late, but that’s okay. LOVE is not quantified by a date on our calendars! In fact, this post is about how to examine our own thoughts about what LOVE REALLY is ? St. Valentine may have had some insights that we can’t even imagine. Because he was a 3rd -Century Roman Saint, I can just imagine the conversations that must have been happening! That is the same century when people were trying so hard to interpret Jesus and his teachings.  Writing of Jesus’ words became entangled in interpretation.  This is the same century that took writings OUT and banned the sharing of any of the women’s writing as well as many of Jesus’ own thoughts through St. Thomas.  Do we KNOW what to think?

Did you give your loved one, grandchildren, or family members some expression of caring love for Valentine’s Day? I did a lot of that, but I also have to remind myself that I was expressing HUMAN love in this lifetime. I want to examine Divine LOVE and LOVE as an energy.

Deep in my heart I KNOW we have a need to give what we want to receive. Is that God’s design for our Universe?  You probably “gave” something on Valentine’s Day. Do we need to remind ourselves to receive too. When we experience any kind of lack in our own lives, we have to turn that thought back…to ourselves. What am I NOT giving? But, I have also learned through my spiritual life, that it will accomplish NOTHING if I dip back into regret or self incrimination over past events. I have to remind myself  to stay in the present moment…I don’t always accomplish that.

This is when KNOWING love is pure energy is so critical. We give away LOVE and it comes back to us in ways we can’t even imagine. That’s how Divine love operates! As you OPEN your heart and simply allow the LOVE, JOY, CARING, and COMPASSION to simply flow. Have we changed a field of energy that exits in our Universe? YES, absolutely!  I really believe that we contribute to an energy that we can’t quite comprehend that exists to help us ALL!

The pure LIGHT of love’s  ENERGY radiates to others automatically. We are lifting ourselves and others inner tranquility as we radiate outward.

So HOW does the energy of LOVE  keep our Universe operating… by connecting with our human bodies in ways that we can only imagine?! It is because WE are all a very critical piece of GOD!

When we give we receive, when we receive we CAN give. 

That is simply my own interpretation of LOVE…there is an incredible energy that lives within me as I express these words. It’s always wonderful to hear that validated by such greats as Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton.

As I listened to another woman’s NDE that happened in the same year as mine through IANDS, Chicago this past weekend…I realized how far and wide my thinking has expanded. I am so thankful for that. THANK you all for being with me during these years of understanding from 1982 to the present day. I am totally blessed to have ALL of you in my life…and THAT is my Valentine’s Message of LOVE for all of you!

 I end today with another of Neale Donald Walsh’s  thoughts he has sent to me…KNOWING that this is not just a message for me. It is a message for YOU and all of Humanity!


On this day of your life Terry, I believe that God wants you to know…

that God’s light shines through you when your light shines on another. 

The darkness of the world can be illumined by your glowing presence…yet you must believe in yourself as The Source of that light and that love.

All the world awaits your arrival today, shivering in its sadness, looking to you for warmth. Can you bring a radiance to those you touch today? Will you?

Your answer will determine more for you than it will for them. In this is The Great Secret.

Love , your friend,




LOVE and LIGHT from Marj and Terry

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