The OPPORTUNITY Through Life


Life REALLY is one big opportunity! Something deep inside of us that realizes how important ALL of the moments of life are to our BEING. Our memories of times past can get trapped there in enjoyment or torment, or we can take advantage of every single one of the opportunities.

For myself these “MOMENTS” can be the most simple of pleasures realized through our awakening nature. There are times when I seem to focus solely on the huge EVENTS like my NDE and miracles that seemed to follow in my life. I can feel the gifts within those incredible miracles including the MOMENT I realized that the TRUTHS of life are living right within me. That is one of the greatest mysteries, our internal wisdom. Where or how did that come to be? This is when I defer to an awesome GOD that created such an amazing species of human…complete with soul and/or spirit.

Today I would like to focus on how that wisdom manifests itself through the OPPORTUNITY of LIFE. I think one of the most important misunderstandings of life is that life happens to us instead of the huge reality that life happens through us. This is a great awakening time, but only if we allow ourselves to grab on to the concept.

The opportunities of life are the most meaningful when we grab on to a sacred moment that rose up from within. It might be as simple as a beautiful flower catching our eyes or the laughter of a person within our midst enjoying life.

“Whatever lifts the corner of your mouth, trust that!” ~ Rumi

What a simple but profound statement. I had one such moment that I will share.

There was a LOT of stimulation around me because I was at an art Festival here in Florida in a town called Punta Gorda. I was gazing at many beautiful art pieces of every type and kind just waiting for buyers to grab their favorite painting or photograph, glass sculpture, wooden carvings, piece of jewelry, lemonade, or a piece of clothing. I was enjoying them all, but it was a SOUND that captured me, drawing me towards the other end of the closed off street. Somehow it was sound that simply lifted my soul telling me to pay attention!

There is such an intricately woven energy field around us,  drawing our attention to something that could be very important to us. For me it was the simple conversation with a fascinating man, Vladimir Gorodkin, a Canadian who originally came from Belarus. Oh my, what a difficult time he must be having with the Ukrainian war. My heart went out to him. But, he talked about music being the key to imagination…I KNOW that for myself.

He was playing an equally fascinating instrument called a Tsimbaly, which must be the spelling in his native country. I also see it is spelled Tsymbaly. I have heard some similar sounds, but from a Dulcimer. I found out that this is a very ancient instrument with a wooden trapezoidal body and metal strings played by striking it with sticks. It originated in Eastern Europe, but many believe it came to Europe with the Romans. It is also known to be played in India. What you might not realize is that I am always fascinated with ancient civilizations and their influence in our lives.

Was it the sound that lives within me? Is that what was lifting my soul? Is that what drew me to listen more and strike up a conversation? Do I have deep seated memory of this sound from a previous lifetime? Perhaps. I have had images of ancient Egypt come into my third-eye view as well and ponder on the meaning for myself. He played many songs for us and one of my favorite was his own version of Hallelujah! I know his sign by him caught my eye for sure, Music for the Soul.

If you want to read more you can click here and go to his website. Or to just hear one song where he was captured singing with America’s got talent singer with  Emanne Beach a few years ago at Fisherman’s Wharf, click on this link.  But, he is best in person for sure! So, of course I needed to buy one of his CD’s with Hallelujah on it! But, alas I have to go into our car to listen to it!   I went to his website and I read his bio. I realized that perhaps we crossed paths years ago in 1972 at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. What an amazing world we have with the tapestry of life that keeps us intersecting with OPPORTUNITY…

A shift in my energy brought harmony to my soul and it wasn’t simply because this experience was music. I am also reflecting on extremely simple moments that caught my inner wisdom

  • Catching a glimpse of life at a church whose steeple was reaching into a blue sky
  • The face of an unknown child running like the wind through an ocean wave
  • The stately orange flower winking at me as I walked by
  • The face I suddenly saw in the woven threads of a rug in front of me
  • The sadness in the eyes of an elderly man walking by us on a street
  • The deep catch of my own breath during a healing
  • The flickering sunshine in pool water
  • The stillness of rustling leaves blowing in the wind


YES, there is OPPORTUNITY embedded every moment of our daily life. We have the opportunity to allow these moments  to LIFT our soul and bring a smile to our face. What a way to keep our body, mind and soul healthy and living life to the fullest. Click on this image and IMAGINE all of these people below CONNECTED in YOUR life! Life happens THROUGH US!




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    • Thank you Lynne, so glad it was helpful and meaningful to you!

  1. Thank you for this Terry. This reminds me to keep paying attention to the gift in all of the daily blessings.

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