Peace is LIVING Life

PEACE…is Living LIFE!

Peace is the GOAL of life! We certainly wonder why it is such an illusive concept for our WORLD! Tangled human beings with difficult lives, people that are lacking love in their hearts, and leaders hungry for power can certainly keep our world in turmoil. Is it possible for us to be at PEACE in our own life to enjoy the LOVE and LIGHT God meant for all of us? Is it possible to simply allow ourselves to BE at peace and live life to the fullest in spite of the state of the world?

We look at a beautiful photograph like the sun showing up in this flower or stare at a peace lily,  our body immediately relaxes in the beauty. Those visual images are available to us as we go within at any moment. Can we find that same peace that beauty brings into every day life when challenge is upon us? After all experiencing beauty brings out an EMOTION within us.

Before I explore this concept, it is important to know that I am NOT advocating isolating ourselves away from people to avoid controversy. That would not bring our own hearts peace anyway, self love isn’t about selfishness at all. It is about caring enough about ourselves to offer REAL love to ourselves first and then share with others! We can help other people through rough times. After all, there is likely not one person out there that hasn’t been through some very difficult times in their lives. We needed other people in our lives to help us through tough times.

The news of the day seems to focus on a lot of negative issues in both the world around us and our everyday life. Our own country’s politics today can bring out some strong emotions. Heart break around the world can also pull on our emotional heart strings. There is one of David R. Hawkins words that always sticks in my mind to help me realize it is the EMOTIONS we need to work on…not so much the thoughts.

“When letting go, ignore all thoughts. Focus on the feeling itself, not on the thoughts.” ~David R. Hawkins

If we simply recognize the thoughts are there, but focus on the feeling …we can accomplish so much to keep our hearts at peace. Then our bodies are not suffering the consequences. We free ourselves to enjoy life instead of allowing worry to dominate our decisions and actions. When we discover the technique to let go and allow peace, we realize there is a gift there. The gift of healing takes place in natural ways. Thoughts surfacing from current news are likely triggering suppressed feelings. But when the feeling is let go, peace can replace so many repressed emotions.

“Peace is the goal…peace on earth and peace in your heart. Is this not where all peace begins: in the calm stillness within? This stillness is always there, just as it is always still at the bottom of a pond, in spite of  whatever waves ripple the surface. You are like the pond. Whilst you may experience turmoil all around you, the peace lies ever waiting within. Know that this is the part of you – your True Self – that is ever-present and ever-accessible.

Call not upon things or people external to yourself to bring you peace, but summon the peace that lies within you and bring it to the surface. Radiate tranquility and watch the waves around you subside. In this way, you can be a peace-maker, for yourself as well as others. 

Peace be with you… always.” ~ Love Beyond Words – Sanaya shared through Suzanne Giesemann

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As I view this Peace Lily…my heart can remind my whole body to be in peace. On Suzanne Giesmann’s website she is sharing her new book that is coming out soon! It will be a real gift to all of us to be able to read it! The Awakened WayClick here to find it!

When I realize that the spirit world is never so very far away…I know beyond a doubt that when the worst of emotions surface we have help! Guides, angels and loved ones from beyond can help us calm that storm and take us into the depths of the “pond” of our life and bring peace! Peace from within brings us health and vitality by releasing negative energy!

I had to laugh at myself taking the picture of this alligator…thinking okay, this is the ripple in the pond for sure! BUT, deep down at the bottom there is total peace. We were feeling that peace along on our walk because I CHOSE those feelings to surface. Going within can happen at any moments of life, bringing much needed peace. But, I also know that my planned morning yoga and meditations are providing me with the “practice” to bring that peace in at will.

Who would guess that there is a International Day of Happiness. As I saw this on March 20, I thought…no wait a minute, just a day? THIS is when we need to remind ourselves that happiness lives inside of us EVERY single day!  I love the smile and I hope it will bring a smile to your face today as well! I pictured the alligator simply resting in his water enjoying the peace of a smiling balloon!






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