Light of the WORLD… Easter Greetings!

Light of the WORLD…Easter Greetings!

With love from Terry and Marj through…

Regardless of each of our own religious persuasion or our practices, we have ALL been touched by the LIGHT of God. Jesus came into our world to give us messages of hope through LOVE is GOD over two thousand years ago. Christians around the world still celebrate the resurrection of  Jesus who left this earthly plane in a violent manner, but came back to share with all people that LIFE is ETERNAL! Sometimes that message gets lost in all of the quantifications of what we must do or not do to enjoy life as an eternal being. It is my firm knowing through my NDE that there is nothing that will keep any of us from eternal life.

Today it is our hope that you CELEBRATE this holiday in whatever style that is you…knowing that you ARE an eternal being. This life you are living is meant to help you become more and more aware of that non-judgmental pure unconditional love that is yours! LIFE…it is a gift. When we learn to simply accept the gift, our life changes into one of AMAZING GRACE! Embrace life, take it on and enjoy every minute of it.

I loved this poem written by Mother Teresa about LIFE. If you click on the photo you can read it in a bigger style or print it if you like!  I think it is so appropriate for this special holiday we call Easter. LIFE.  Celebrate spring, the renewal of life for so many living organisms. But it is our hope that you celebrate YOU! You are an awesome and amazing human being living a life that is absolutely perfect for you! Read Mother Teresa’s messages for YOU…they are meant for all of us to embrace as we live the challenges that exist in our lives.

I also loved the words of Suzanne Gieseman once again. Sanaya simply inspires me to BE the love and light that I AM.


“Why do you speak of God as “Light”? Why do you wish others “love and light”? What is light, but energy~vibrant energy which dispels darkness, revealing Presence. Does not light allow you to see what before you did not realize was there? Does it not bring warmth and comfort? Are these all not qualities of that which you know as God?

When we speak of “light within,” know that you carry these same qualities of brightness, warmth, and comfort within your very being. That light is always present. It is the very fuel which gives you life. If you feel enveloped in darkness, you need only ask to see the light, to be revealed. In the asking, with this heart-felt intention and desire, you are your own fire-starter.

Allow your light to shine forth so that you may serve as a beacon of God’s love to all with whom you deal. Blessings be upon you this day as you shine your light upon the world.” ~ Sanaya ~ Recorded through Suzanne Giesemann.

Enjoy your HOLIDAY season as Marj and Terry enjoy taking their own SPRING BREAK! Terry will continue her time in Florida enjoying LIFE’s gift of GRANDCHILDREN who will be visiting for the week! Marj will be enjoying LIFE’s gift of GRANDCHILDREN as she ventures to New York to be with her one year old granddaughter!

Love from Terry & Marj

 We will see you again in a few weeks on Friday, April 12!



YOU ARE a LIGHT of the World when you choose to share it through God’s Loving Presence within YOU!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful blog! I can feel the light of God shining in me now just from reading this. It brought tears of awe to my eyes. Thank you.

    • Mary, thank you so very much for commenting and letting us know how our words have touched your heart! In LOVE and LIGHT! Terry

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