LIFE through LOVE always finds a way! Belief is such a key into that statement.  TRUST is much trickier and probably even more important in helping us navigate our daily lives.

I loved this tree that was in a National Geographic article. Who would have possibly thought that the tree could be alive and producing those beautiful green leaves? “Where there is a will there is way” simply popped into my mind. Is this an example of LOVE finding a way…energy is somehow reaching that tree even though it looks like there is no way it is rooted into the ground.

We hear the words all the time, just “have faith.” And what does that REALLY mean? Churches and society tell us that it means that our prayers and wishes will somehow be answered. A radical thought emerged in me as I wondered out loud during a meditation moment. Do we personally have a responsibility in this? In my mind, I know most of society will say it means , trust GOD. So, again I ask you to think…do we as individuals have a responsibility when we put our “faith”  into a prayer or thought? Aren’t we part of the GOD of the Universe?

I’ve also heard so many times from people that if our prayers were not answered, just trust that there’s a bigger picture we do not understand. I do believe we never really know or understand how our path in life will develop in the future. Too often we look at someone else’s path in life with either envy or relief about our own. And yet…each one of us has our very own path to follow. Looking at how another person’s path has developed will always keep us looking beyond the truth of our own powerful ability to stay in the present moment. We can ALLOW the love to move in and listen…to our brilliant inner soul and even sometimes God’s booming voice trying to get our attention in novel ways.

In fact, it is pretty easy to doubt that love could possibly be holding our country or world together in such tumultuous times. And yet, that same ENERGY of love is holding our Universe together! Do we TRUST in the love that IS there and not focus on lack of love shown by too many? It is easy to have doubts when someone we love is suffering in some way. We offer our love and support and very often only “HOPE” our love makes a difference. And yet, is that the SAME love energy that is holding our universe together?

Let’s move away from our human definition of love. I think that is what keeps us sequestered into a very limited space. God’s unconditional love for the world is the same unconditional love that lives in us…IF we have a belief that it is REAL. Let’s think through what we know.

  • God IS only love.
  • God CREATED ALL that is only in love.
  • That means we were created in LOVE.
  • God is IN everything we see, experience, and throughout the unseen.
  • There is nothing where God is NOT.
  • So…trust in GOD is the same as the trust in US as eternal spiritual beings and in our form as human beings. 

I am going to suggest that each and everyone of us are the glue keeping a piece of the puzzle of GOD. We are collectively holding our world together. Some of us might be described as super glue, some glue-all, and others may be simple paste. It matters not. When we learn to trust that we ARE love…we light the world bringing JOY into every one of our earthly experiences.

I LOVED the way that Eckart Tolle put such meaning into our perception of what joy really is and how we bring it into our world!

“Joy does not come from what you do, it flows into what you do and thus into this world from deep within you.” 


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