We BECOME…what we think about all day! 

Those words echo in my mind every time I have a thought about Dr. Wayne Dyer and all that he taught me over so many years. This is hardly a new topic, most spiritual teachers teach the importance of understanding how our thoughts can change our lives. But, I will also bring up the fact that it’s the emotion BEHIND the thoughts that have the greatest impact…good or bad.

Yet, the concept that we can change our everyday life is so powerful when we slow down our lives and “SEE” or “HEAR”  our thoughts. How often do you stop in a day and ask yourself ~ “What am I thinking about?” Most likely most of us would say we are worrying about something that just happened or planning for the rest of our day. We are not in the MOMENT, we are a step behind and a step ahead of the now.

Following meditation today I sat with beautiful music coming through my earphones. I had particularly beautiful water sounds mixed with orchestra in the background.  I found myself hearing the most significant thoughts beginning to flow through my mind. My eyes were open, I spoke briefly with Doug, and I sat in awe of a plant still bursting in yellow blossoms that I had brought in from my front porch at the end of summer. (This is a begonia…who knew I could KEEP it thriving?) Many would not call this meditation, but actually is this the most important part of my meditation routine?

I remembered some bits of teaching from spiritual teachers about meditation. We all know the beautiful feelings of peace and joy that come from a quiet body relaxed through deep breathing and letting go. BUT, are you aware of the incredible beauty of allowing our thoughts to come in during meditation? Too often we think we are trying to let GO of thoughts. But, in reality we are learning to discern thoughts that are important coming from within. Some teachers  call them soul thoughts.

Our mind’s thoughts get clouded with other people’s ideas, encounters through phone messages or calls that “trigger” a new thought from somewhere deep in our mind. Emails, texts, TV programming, and books we’ve read filter into our PURE THOUGHTS with words and ideas from well meaning spouses, friends and society. But wait…what happened to my own pure thoughts? These thoughts are like gold that could enhance my journey. Instead, I’m left with the fragmented pennies, nickels and dimes like the ones in the bottom of my purse weighing it down!

We become what we think about?  Oh dear, what ARE my real deep soul searching thoughts? Days, weeks, months or even years can go by if I don’t INTENTIONALLY return to my own pure desires and wishes for my life. Daily decision making becomes a litany of diluted thoughts weighing me down.

Now, lets go back to how I was ALLOWING myself to really listen. I had finished meditation and I allowed myself to simply listen as I stared at something beautiful when thoughts began to FLOW. I began writing down my thoughts. THANK YOU Universe for that gift of time. My inner thoughts were very important to my life and YES, I found them during meditation. We really need to allow ourselves to not put meditation inside a BOX. Too often we think there is just one right way and I believe that is NOT how it happens at all!

Music can be just right for you with words or no words, OR silence, OR maybe simply in quiet moments later in a day through a meaningful nap. Meditation can be made perfect for you. I simply chose one out of hundreds of music videos I have now found on YouTube. This time it was a 432 Hz. I read their title, but then I really wanted to see and hear their description. It was meaningful for me, and perhaps it will be meaningful for you! Click on the title if you want to go to it.

Title: The Energy of the Universe Heals All Bodily Damage, Let Go of Emotional Pain, Relieve Stress

Description: Alpha wave music is music that can heal the body and soul. Very suitable for meditation, relaxation, and help you easily fall asleep. Listen to this sound. You will improve your health, your brain and mind will get rid of negative energy, you can receive supernatural energy from the Universe. Close your eyes, hear and feel it!

NOW….I have a thought to ADD to their description! Not that I had anything to do with making this, but here’s a thought.

Close your eyes, hear and feel it! I love those words.  But, you can also …OPEN your eyes, hear and FEEL your own thoughts in the beauty of creation that is YOU.  I was staring at a beautiful flower. Perhaps for you it is a painting, a family picture, a bird out your window, or even gray foggy skies. It is what stirs in you…meditation for YOU is what you make it for you.  YOUR thoughts are important to YOU! We don’t even need to share them with anyone unless we choose to do that.  GOD knows, you KNOW, and from our SOURCE of creation only pure love thoughts can come in!

So…open your eyes, but don’t dash away to the kitchen, flip on the TV or shower just yet…take 10 extra minutes and WOW! You just might be smiling for the WHOLE day!

************************************    From Neale Donald Walsch

” On this day of your life Terry, I believe God wants you to know…

…that a new world is upon you and all peoples of the earth. A different tomorrow awaits.

Nothing is going to be the way it was before. Not your finances, not your politics, not your work life, not your relationships, not the way you experience your spirituality ~ all of it is changing…and is going to continue to change.

The only question remaining: Will you be part author of those continuing changes, or merely one who is impacted by them.”

Love, your Friend… Neale

*************************************   Thank you Neale Donald Walsch… LOVE Terry Where are YOU in the creation of YOUR new world? 

What do YOU think about all day? Who are YOU becoming?




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