Is There an ART to PRAYER?

God created us with amazing and powerful potential if we use it in prayer! For many of us, the only model of prayer we have comes from our experience in religious organizations. We can only imagine how many different types and styles that encompasses! For some of us, our families modeled a particular method or there was no prayer at all. People often abandon the practice of prayer feeling little success in their lives. When a crisis arises we rally our distraught feelings and pray for God to “fix” a problem in our lives. Sound familiar?

Is it possible most of us have NO idea what we are supposed to DO when we pray? I know that my prayers drastically changed when I experienced spirit beings in vibrational form. I could feel their presence, especially during an “aha” moment, or as I moved into high vibration during meditation. FEELINGS of total LOVE envelope my body. I could relate to the feelings that were embedded in me during my NDE.  It took me an incredibly long time to recognize a spirit! I was reading about angels or spirit through so many spiritual visionaries in their writing. And yet, it took real experiences to connect. I learned that my bodies’ projected FEELINGS were more powerful than my words.

In our personal lives, we sense an urgent need to pray for our own emotional pain, physical health issues, and problems in our families. In today’s culture many are praying for our country and it’s relationship within in the world. It is a basic human desire to help others! How do we cope and actually HELP others while staying grounded and happy ourselves? We KNOW collective prayer is powerful. Our thoughts are pure energy. Our collective prayers are those thoughts that are sent out to the universe.

Our indigenous ancestors all seemed to confirm one concept about prayer that has been lost in our modern western culture. Is it possible that the instructions of a way to pray was largely lost to the west in the fourth century Biblical edits of the early Christian church? History tells us that in 325 CE a council led by Emperor Constantine of the Holy Roman Empire removed 25 books while editing and condensing another 20 books ~ creating our current Bible ~ seriously edited. Monks in Tibet confirm very old manuscripts contain methods of prayer that came with instructions!

In remote regions of our world, a simple concept of prayer has been retained. The same concept is embedded in our own Native American Culture. I heard and experienced the same concept used by indigenous Shamans in the Amazon, among Incan – Quechua societies in the Andes, and healing indigenous tribes of Africa.

I highly recommend you read about all of this from an expert in a very simple 147-page book by Gregg Braden. Here is a link to find his book called Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer: The Hidden Power of Beauty, Blessing, Wisdom and Hurt.

 “THERE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WILD FORCES WITHIN US.” With these words, the mystic St. Francis described what ancient traditions believed was the most powerful force in the universe-the power of prayer. For more than 20 years, Gregg Braden has searched for evidence of a forgotten form of prayer that was lost to the West following the biblical edicts of the early Christian Church. In the 1990’s, he found and documented this form of prayer still being used in the remote monasteries of central Tibet. He also found it practiced in sacred rites throughout the high deserts of the American Southwest.”

Quote: From back cover of this book.


So, what have we been missing?

As different as our cultures can be, we ALL yearn for the same peaceful, healthy existence for our families and ourselves. All cultures pray one way or another.

Here is my own interpretation infused with experiences that have helped me put it into place in my life.

Prayer for ANY need:

KEY: FEEL as if your prayer has already been answered. FEEL what it is like when it has already taken place. VISUALIZE while you help your body feel the answer.


Is this perhaps what it means to have total FAITH that it WILL happen? This might give new meaning to “ask and you shall receive.”


  • FEELING the prayer is crucial! Feel that your prayer is already answered.
  • Our emotional state during prayer is key. Clear out hurt or anger. Example: Can you send your “disease” or “difficult situation” love? I did that while healing – I thanked my body for showing me where I needed healing in my life.
  • Prepare your hearts and bodies before the “prayer” – meditation can bring love, peace, and calm found in God’s presence from within, allowing love to flow. Prepare a place…to put only love FEELINGS in place. Your heart’s feeling connects with your mind.
  • Express Gratitude for your healing of body, mind, or situation.
  • Compassion is the KEY emotion that connects us all! It is the language of prayer. Don’t forget compassion for yourself!
  • Go about your day with a smile and bring joy into your life!

After my own experiences in remote areas of the world, I connected in a very profound way when Gregg Braden wrote about the LOST MODE of Prayer! Both my heart and my soul woke up to some powerful thoughts. I feel so blessed to have heard him speak about prayer years ago and more powerfully today. His travel stories in Tibet over a number of years brought it all alive for me! In early years on his blog he wrote about his experiences with the indigenous populations in Peru, they matched mine. His quest into the Mayan culture’s teachings brought my experiences in Chichen-Itza in Mexico alive as well. I was also remembering some important similarities in my experiences in Kenya with the Masai culture. Gregg Braden’s stories of our own Native American culture brought together some powerful concepts that are threading through so MANY indigenous groups around the world. My own experiences were not only matching, but he demonstrates the understanding of how science connects to help us understand why it works. God created us with amazing and powerful potential if we use it! Give it a TRY! It has been powerful in our lives.

2 Comments on “Is There an ART to PRAYER?

  1. Great message, Terry! Your personal experience makes it much more meaningful. How did it happen that this message got distorted into a way to fulfill selfish and and materialistic gains in such books as The Key? Did it work for that kind of prayer as well?

    • Thank you Mary for you comment and question! I do believe that ANY message from very giving people can be distorted into selfish and materialistic gain. Gregg Braden’s message is totally unselfish and I KNOW that first hand. YES, I believe that this type of prayer probably worked for selfish gains. The problem comes when that person’s own soul will let them KNOW by events that will happen in their lives. So often if the gain is selfish, they eventually lose whatever GAIN they thought they achieved. Life has a way of letting us KNOW of our shortcomings!

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