BE PRESENT…Light is Dawning in 2016

Peace to ALL this season!

At the beginning of the New Year, we realize that we both are blessed with love in our families and by our circle of friends. We both have significant challenges in our lives as well. This is also true for the world at large. Does this sound familiar? Most of us have high hopes for a brighter future.

In our culture we are led to first reflect on this past year and then start making resolutions for the year 2016. There are great debates about how long anyone keeps these hastily made resolutions. The statistics are pretty grim. One of the first things we begin to do is look back with longing, wishing we could have changed significant things.

Many of us think about a healthier life style. Lists usually include having less stress, adding better food choices, more exercise, quality time with family, a solid financial picture, and perhaps a more meaningful spiritual life. Maybe we even add a luxury vacation or two to our list if we’re the traveling sort of person. I’m sure you could make a list of your own.

Making goals is GREAT. But, perhaps our burdens wouldn’t seem so overwhelming if we didn’t try to plan out a year at a time.  How about a FRESH new approach!


BE PRESENT in your life EACH MOMENT. Don’t live in the past or the future…live TODAY. Take one day at a time. Begin your day with daily meditation. Let Divine Spirit, the creator of love, help shape your day. Listen to the Divine within YOU. Know God is available every moment of every day.


Our mistakes are in the past. We can use what we have learned to shape each moment of our lives now. We can allow forgiveness and love to flow into our hearts.

We love the words that Louise Hay uses so often, “Life Loves You!” Life’s potential is unlimited. You become what you think about all day. Your thoughts create your reality because your thoughts determine how you respond to situations in your daily life. Start your day embracing love and somehow decisions become clearer. With your intentions in place, you begin your day with a smile. You can feel God’s love enveloping you.

Terry learned one of the most powerful messages of her life during her NDE, “LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!” It is a gift. God’s pure love for us transcends all hatred. With self-love, you will have more love to give every person you meet each day. And yes, do send love to even the most difficult souls on the planet. Great spiritual teachers of the past, and those speaking today, are giving us this same message. Ultimately “LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!” May we have the ears to hear and understand the message.

Love sent to ALL as we begin 2016 together!

Terry & Marj


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