“We are ONE with our Source. Our awareness of that oneness brings a wholeness into our daily lives.” ~ Terry Larkin

Our WHOLENESS is our eternal state of simply BEING. We are always and forever WHOLE, but it doesn’t always feel that way in our human form.  During my Near-Death Experience I was in that WHOLE state. In our limited view using the combination of our mind and brain we feel somehow “less than” whole. I have always expressed this experience as being in total “unconditional love” because we are limited by the words in any language. There are no adequate words to describe what lies beyond when we leave our early body. Even the word Divine LOVE…can leave us short of understanding.

BEING in Awareness of our ONENESS with Source takes us into a whole new level of understanding. That is when we allow that beautiful powerful energy of LOVE to unwrap the gift we’ve been given.

It’s kind of like finding YOU in this life and feeling so good about it that absolutely NOTHING but love can come out of you, nor will you allow anything but love to come inside of you!

That doesn’t mean that our life is perfect or that nothing ever goes wrong. We all know it’s our REACTION to events and experiences that is the most critical. When  we are able to create and sustain BOTH  our heart and our brain in coherence at the same time, we have found that really sweet spot!

I believe this concept is what we would call being in alignment with our soul. I’ve heard this phrase expressed over countless times by every spiritually awakening person I have read or have known. I really believe all of us have glimpses of this state, but I also think these moments come and go…like the ebb and flow of our lives in general.

There have been times in my life when I began to feel “less than worthy” or “less than WHOLE” because I wasn’t always feeling in alignment with my soul. Does this at all sound familiar to you? It’s so easy to allow my ego to be in charge, and my human brain loves that. Do you know why? Ego loves the details of the “story” of my life and the brain loves the familiar. Our heart, however, can convince the mind to make changes! And our heart is that direct line into our soul.

Ego lives in that place in my subconscious mind that has been storing away experiences and thoughts about myself since birth. And those thoughts and experiences were NOT coming from my soul! They were birthed by everyone around me. …that is until I started listening from within.

Do you remember that your brain is really a puppet, simply doing what your mind and heart tell it to do? I think an example in my own life might help.

Here is an example: 

My brain remembers a traumatic event where as a twelve year old I slipped on a wooden dock, hitting my head and landing in the water unconscious. My brain was convinced that this very handsome lifeguard that I had a crush on came out in the boat, jumped in and pulled me into the boat. I was eventually taken to the hospital for a week with a horrific concussion.

I LOVED that story of my life. For 50+ years I told myself and others about that incident…until my mind was deep in silence one day. I had a vision of a being of light in the water with me as a 12 year old pushing me to the surface. Little did I know I had connected with my soul and to God through an angel in my midst.

I discounted THAT “vision story”  and believed my version of the story instead for years.  Oh, my ego loved that story, so my brain simply placed that memory in my subconscious like I asked it to do. Of course you realize that ALL of this simply happened like thousands of other incidents that took place in my life. All of the info was simply stored away in my subconscious and most of the time I remember little and yet I accept it as truth.

BUT… I found OUT the truth when I was in my 50’s and my precious lifeguard was in his 60’s and we ran into each other. I asked if he remembered the incident and he said, “Of course, it wasn’t every day I got to go out in my boat to save someone.” Then the bombshell…he told me he never got OUT of the boat…that after a time underwater I came to the surface, but yes I was unconscious. Oh boy…a touch into my soul.

It isn’t that often that I am able to validate and compare a true “life story” to what my soul was trying to tell me years ago. My ego took over…until I had grown into a KNOWING that we can connect to our soul for real. I also learned it was time to let my ego know it was no longer in charge!

Our BODY and our MIND are tools that can be used to adjust what our brain tries to convince us is truth. Being in ONENESS with our soul simply IS. But, being AWARE of the ONENESS in our human form takes lots of work! Just ask me, I’ve been working on it lots of years now! Oh…I’m closer. Each day is a step for the better. I keep working on it!


Next week, on June 11, if you are interested,  I’ll continue this discussion and give you some ideas of  the HOW TO…



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