Breathing in DEPTH through LIFE

If we live our life through the lense of separateness, we are likely cutting ourselves off from a BEAUTIFUL life experience during times when there are feelings that there is not much to celebrate! LIFE is a teacher.  But life is also the most benevolent and loving teacher you are ever willing to embrace. I believe that it is because God is the creator of everything PURE and BEAUTIFUL!  When you allow and let yourself RECEIVE the blessings at each and every moment, joy moves into spaces that are difficult.  The emotions of “woe is ME” can set into our life very easily during these days of uncertainty. This might be a good time to evaluate what priorities have overtaken your life! Take a DEEP breath …that breath of life that breaths us automatically!

For myself, I have found it helpful to take a look at my priorities each day rather than wait to let them accumulate and FESTER in my mind over time. EVERY DAY life presents  an opportunity to EMBRACE the life of LOVE in this human body, or life presents itself with MORE of what I did not want because I spent too long dwelling on what I did not want!

I can remember Dr. Wayne Dyer reminding us always in his talks and books. “What you THINK about all day is what you will GET!” I understand at such a deeper level now what he was trying to tell us. Breathe DEEP once again and ask your self that question, “What am I thinking about MOST of my day?” For me, each time I do that it is an eye opener…and I have to remind myself “GET REAL” Terry!

I also remember very well that self judgement was the WORST way to become aligned with what was really important in my life. At one point in my life I was REALLY good at that…and I know  I have no desire to go back to that place where I criticized and judged myself into sickness! I also recognize that LOVE is only a heartbeat away from FEAR. What will I choose each day or moment in my life? Of COURSE I choose LOVE, but this is where we need to stay awake and realize that my mind might choose fear instead!

We need to stay present in every day life as Eckaret Tolle reminds us so well. I know at times my life has been like traveling down a wild river… but I also know that my life has also been a TRANQUIL ride into an existence that I LOVE. Is life presenting challenges to me right now? OF COURSE! But, I choose to travel down the path of a calm ride. I will weather the bumps and change my thoughts as difficult thoughts and experiences arrive.

ENJOY the ride of LIFE in your neck of the woods… BREATHE in the DEPTH that life experiences can provide for your learning journey! There is MORE than just breathe…but for now DO that deep BREATHING every day as you tell yourself how wonderful you ARE…it is so life changing!


We love you ALL…

Terry & Marj


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