Eternal LOVE


In our daily lives we use the word love so often that in some ways I have a feeling it is losing it’s meaning! In my own life for most of my young life, I never gave the meaning all that much thought. In my teen years of course I began to wonder about TRUE LOVE. Yet, that was wondering,  how do adults come to love each other? Or NOT.    I know I had a slightly skewed understanding of love through many adults in my life that had such a variety of ways expressing love.  It was all too confusing. Church and discussions of a loving God, and yet a very judgmental God only brought more confusion. It took me until my own Near-death Experience to even really realize there were many types of love.

What ARE the types of love? Is it important for me to know and understand them? I’ve been realizing more and more that YES, I believe it makes a HUGE difference as we go about our daily lives. I know that I am growing in more understanding through my experiences with healing. For right now let’s take a look at these definitions and see if you resonate with them. OR, perhaps you have a a definition you could share with US! We’d love that.


  1. It NEVER changes.
  2. It’s the eternal love of GOD.
  3. It is unconditional love.
  4. There is NO judgment  in Divine Love.
  5. Our Infinite Mind KNOWS Divine Love – We will return to it AGAIN…That’s why there is NO fear in death…death is the illusion! We are eternal.

Human LOVE: 

  1. Romantic LOVE – Between two human beings living in the world of duality temporarily.
  2. Our finite mind living in a body creates love, it can come and go,  and this love CAN & DOES change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse!
  3. LOVE of a child, family member, or friends – It can CHANGE…but it never goes away.

We all  STRIVE to be in that Divine LOVE  for others with no judgement, condemnation, or conditions, but we all know this is very difficult. I DO believe this is why we are here…to GROW in Divine LOVE for all of God’s children, regardless! Eternal Love IS Divine LOVE. 

I so remember Dr. Wayne Dyer’s meditation using the Biblical words in Exodus as Moses asked what is the name of God?  I AM THAT I AM! Those are the words in the Kings James Version and in the Tora.

I AM that… I AM! Those three little dots can change the meaning if no other word is put into it. Not I AM Terry Larkin, that’s the illusion. I AM that I AM…the eternal spiritual being. I am having a human experience and I will shed the identity of Terry Larkin. My eternal self is NOT an illusion.

I know that I began to be VERY careful what I said after those words I AM. I’ve written whole posts about the topic. But, what if we simply stop and realize that I AM… It is a realization that I AM GOD. I know, too many people think that is a blasphemous statement. But YOU are God along with every spiritual being living in a human body. I remember Dr. Wayne Dyer saying, “the only difference between me and you is that I KNOW I AM GOD, and you don’t!” Maybe it sounds better to say I am a piece of GOD…that’s helped a lot of people. And yet,  isn’t that what Jesus told us? It’s in the Bible. It’s just sad that Christianity has led us to believe we are separate from God. It’s that idea that we are separate that brings fear, doubt, anxiety, and even hatred into our lives thinking we are better than another child of God. We are equal in the eyes of God.

Here is a new question that a group of us in The Reconnection are pondering.

Is the I AM… the portal (doorway)  into Consciousness? We all strive to know more and move into that place of knowing where miracles seem to live during this human existence.

I’m sharing a short 9 minute video about Divine Love. In many blog posts I’ve made reference to ONENESS. That became so obvious to me during my NDE, but I had to work through layers of letting go of any fear, doubt, my worthiness, and instead launch  into SELF LOVE. Care to launch with me? You should be able to see the video below, but if not for some reason, click above where it says video about Divine Love.


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