Treasure Beyond Wealth

My treasure is to be in touch with the miracle of BEING ALIVE!

The summer kept me pretty busy a lot of the time. I hardly ever missed a day of my morning routine of yoga, meditation and spiritual reading. I was focussed closely on nature in and around me, letting myself wallow in gratitude. Due to such warm sunny days, I was outside watching the sun rise, and even capturing the tiniest piece of nature that might be around me. But for whatever reason, I realized recently that I stopped my “conversation” with God through musings and questions! I wonder why?

Perhaps I was too caught up in other peoples thoughts and opinions. But, luckily life is always unfolding right before our eyes.

When I saw this photo of the sun, which I had been enjoying seeing  rise so many mornings, I thought WOW. The world’s human population currently living on Earth is estimated to have reached 7,800,000,000 as of March 2020. And we ALL live on this tiny ball. It’s mind boggling to contemplate God’s vast creation of the Universe! And then in my observation of the sunrise yesterday, I realized that the beautiful red color that lit the sun and surroundings had been caused by the fires in Oregon. Yes, I need to be in observation, compassion, and mindful care about taking care of  our precious resources!

Now THAT is my treasure. I really want to be in touch with the miracle of BEING ALIVE!

I’ve been thinking about my life and it’s path a lot lately. Last week I decided maybe it was time for me to really go beyond my sometimes deep pondering self and put myself into observation mode. I began asking questions more during my meditation moments again. I know that in the past when I was really asking God or the spirit world REAL questions, answers were coming about in such interesting ways. I decided it was time to sit quietly again and ASK to know the world beyond myself. But I want to observe during every day’s waking moments living this lifetime, right now, in this body called Terry Larkin.

If I’m going to touch the miracle of BEING ALIVE, I need to be aware of the people around me. I went to the beach on a very windy day and was treated to the sight of this amazing wind surfer in Lake Michigan! He must have been feeling the flow of life within him even though I had just been in disappointment mode because it was too windy for our picnic lunch on the beach! What beauty and love I found instead!  I began to take in the complete joy of people’s beautiful smiles and laughter as they were bundled up from the wind. I found that beautiful smile and laughter was like a mirror…coming right back out of me. I noticed this with my family recently, with complete strangers in the store, and friends and neighbors walking by me. I was put to the test as I passed political signs that made my body recoil. If I’m going to look for the treasure within me, I need to find the strength to speak my truth without judgement for other’s rights and opinions. The miracle of BEING ALIVE is being in my awareness of the real me (spiritual being) walking along… side by side with my human self.

I quickly realized that at times, I began to slide right back into my very old habit of “creating” a problem in my mind that did not even exist! I had to keep reminding myself ~ the past is gone and the future is not here yet! Keeping my heart full of peaceful and loving thoughts can change the present moment so quickly! Our body reacts immediately in such a good way. So, there I was in meditation deciding YES, I need to start up my conversations with God again! Do you know what showed up on the day I was having this “conversation” with God about making better decisions? I opened my email …and found Eckhart Tolle’s words!

” When you create a problem, you create pain. All it takes is a simple choice, a simple decision. No matter what happens, I will create no more pain for myself. I will create no more problems.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

I could tell more stories of my life to illustrate, but I’m guessing you have your own every day challenges just like I do! I finally surrendered the OUTCOME of my husband’s biopsy of the huge tumor removed in his arm. YES, the doctor’s call we had been waiting for came that very day! No more waiting. YES, no cancer! But, it was the timing of the call that perhaps was in orchestration because I was asking!

Have you had a conversation with God lately? Are you asking questions?

“TRY having a conversation with God and ask the spirit world questions!  You might find the treasure. It’s what happens in your life that is way beyond wealth and puts you in touch with the miracles of BEING ALIVE!” ~Terry Larkin


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