Our human side is walking the world along with our spirit side.  In this world, the spirit exists right along side of our human body.

Where are YOU walking today?

Are you walking in both worlds together? We wish the technology of today would take us into communication with both worlds. I believe that perhaps that MIGHT be in our future world, but for now we are often TESTING what knowledge we have about information arriving from our inner being! Are we TRUSTING what seems to arrive to us as a knowing?

We all know we have experienced the presence of GOD in our lives in our human body. So where does the human thought and understanding intersect with the KNOWING of our soul? My KNOWING is firm when I remember that I am an infinite being! When the KNOWING is settled deep within, there is a kind of TRUST that helps us navigate this world of duality in which our human body is residing. It allows us to ENJOY life instead of letting fears run our every day life.

I have to share a quote that was written by a really amazing guy who lives in Italy. Mose is in the Reconnective Healing MENTOR training with me. I always enjoy seeing & listening to him on Zoom. He wrote this recently and I am choosing to keep his language as it was written – he is not a native English speaker, but he does an amazing job as far as I am concerned. You might need to read it a few times to hear the message.

“Your echo…the one that makes vibrate the strings of your soul is not found thanks to a calculation, but thanks to the sounds that your thought emits. Let yourself be invaded by the frequencies of Reconnective Healing and make your mind sing. Your echo will give you the right song for you, here and now. ” ~ Mose Zollo

I loved the thought of the vibrations we hear in music that really make an instrument sing in beautiful sounds that our ears can hear and enjoy. OR, we remember the sounds of a beginner squeaking out a sound that was awful because the vibrations were out of sync. We have all experienced the beautiful harmony that seems to exist in our body as we listen to the wonderful music. And our echo…think of that! It is what we are sending back out into the world!

In Mose’s quote, I was visualizing the strings of my soul…all lined up ready for the perfect vibration of LOVE to help my body SING in the perfect vibration just for ME!  I am thinking of our emotions as the vibration that will either help my body SING or they may help my body ACHE! What a thought! Our body isn’t programmed to be a certain way…it is a reaction to how we treat it and the environment we immerse it into! Our emotions are such a huge part of us, we don’t always remember to validate them and yet, let them move ON into a better place.

I always watch and look for Eckhart Tolle’s words. A lot of his webinars are not free, but I have found that I really enjoy the free words of advice he puts out often! This one spoke to me and brought together some really important words to help us manage emotions in a good way.

” If you really want to know your mind, the body will always give you a truthful reflection, so look at the emotion, or rather feel it in you body. If there is an apparent conflict between them, the thought will be the lie, the emotion will be the truth.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

“The emotion will be the truth.” Interesting thought for us. TRUST…you mean we CAN’T necessarily trust our thoughts? He is saying that instead we need to listen to that feeling in our body! Is it out of sync? Is it trying to give us a message? I know I have experienced this many times over. Our heart KNOWS…and it sends the physical sensation to our body. Is there a thought you are pondering and you were wondering if you have come upon a true KNOWING?

ASK yourself, ask God, ask the Universe! Go within. I find it helpful to simply state it a number of times, even out loud when I’m all alone and can sit in the quiet. For me, I love to use nature for this. Sometimes I just sit and stare at the water in my small lake, into a beautiful plant or flower, listen to the sounds  or even find a beautiful picture like this!



I know I AM LOVE!



I KNOW simply,  I AM

I know my soul is growing and learning that LIFE is LOVE living itself for all eternity.

TRUST…in the knowing of YOU!






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