Building Your Immune System Through Energy Medicine

Our immune system is our body’s natural healing mechanism. We have the ability to manipulate energy in and around our bodies. Chiropractors, physical therapists, and message therapists have been doing this for a very long time. Shamans have done this for centuries! They learned long before modern medicine that they needed spirit to help with the information to manipulate stuck or misplaced energy.

Your heart is a collector of information and will send the brain messages. If they are negative, your mind then feels the “pain, stiffness, and aches.” Your immune system begins to send harmful chemicals to your body. So, we think, “oh…I need medicine to help me out!” Before you go that route, try moving that energy around in your body! Studies have   proven that meditation, when the heart and brain connect, send very healthy chemicals to your immune system. Many people, like myself that seldom if ever get colds, use this method to DODGE a cold. When you feel that nose and throat sensation, DO NOT tell yourself you have a cold or you WILL have one.

Instead, your body is telling you it is tired. Send your body love during meditation, take a nap that day and go to bed early, but before you do that try ENERGY Stimulation with positive LOVE thoughts sent from your heart to your brain! Once you know how, this takes only 5 minutes! You are using the energy from your hands to massage your OWN body and these all feel great! 

  1. Set the INTENTION that all offending germs will be leaving your body. DO NOT call it by any name! Suspend any disbeliefs!
  2. Take a deep breath through your abdomen standing up. Hold your abdomen with two hands. BEND over at the waist while you open your mouth and push out all of the OLD air while your tongue is on the roof of your mouth…don’t stop until it is ALL gone! Now repeat that. This time hold your abdomen with one hand while the other is pressing on the bone in the back of your neck right in the middle at the base of your head. Switch hands and repeat.

    Your hand is pressing on the medulla oblongata in the posterior part of the brain that tapers off to the spinal cord – In India this area is called “the mouth of God” – or translated as life energy. 

    Make sure to take in lots of new good air each time and expel the OLD air out! (away from all your friends!!)

  3. Manipulate the energy in and around your third eye point by messaging
  4. Tap underneath your eye sockets for a few minutes with both hands, first & second fingers
  5. Push in your belly button with one hand, and tap on your 3rd eye point
  6. Do the “shoulder pull” crossing over your body. Use one hand to go behind your shoulder on the opposite side, pull down hard with your fingers and continue crossing your chest down to the opposite hip. Do several times and repeat with the opposite side.
  7. THUMP on the middle of your chest with both hands, middle 3 fingers or fists ~ gorilla style thumps!
  8. THUMP with both hands on your spleen meridians – just below that last rib before your hips with the sides of your hands.
  9. Push on your pelvic bone with two hands, pull up through whole middle section of your body up to your chin. This is the main meridian of your body’s energy system pathway. Stop and FEEL that energy moving up! Your senses will tell you if there are problem areas in your gut at that point too. You KNOW that expression: “Starve a cold, feed a fever.” Your body will tell you which you need to do! Most likely at that point it just means eat lightly and wisely that day!
  10. END by breathing in through the abdomen, close one side of your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds and then  let the air out the other side. Repeat on the opposite side. Do this several times.

Think of this routine as a day at the spa…with GOD. A beautiful massage that feels wonderful while I clear my mind clutter as well! THEN I am very ready to go within in quiet.

Dismiss any thoughts of sickness and go about your day! You might need to repeat this again the next morning to be sure, but I KNOW you will be pleasantly surprised at the results! WHY does moving energy in and around our body work? It is the pathways for all of our bodies natural healing mechanisms. We KNOW the body heals itself, you are HELPING your body move the energy at a time when it may be stuck. No cold? Just need a boost in your immune system? Or need an energy boost? Just use these energy techniques, they work well!

Energy Medicine is gaining momentum in current research! Some of these energy exercises come from Donna Eden and some from Dr. Norm Shealy. Donna Eden and her husband, Dr. David Feinstein Ph. D. wrote Energy Medicine together. Marj and I have heard their names mentioned in countless workshops we have attended now. Donna Eden’s talks, webinars, and insights are amazing. Put her name into You-Tube and you can watch a lot! You can also find them at Now just THINK…what if you did these on a regular basis?! Can we keep our immune system much sharper than it is? My spirit guides have been telling me YES for a very long time! Oh, and I never did need that cold medicine we all take. YEA, because side effects can lead to lower resistance for other things!

This small book is The Little Book of Energy Medicine  is a very practical guide. Her Energy Medicine KIT brings these same techniques on cards along with videos included. It is older than her newer webinars, but still helpful. The cards are handy, the booklet inside is a great short read of how and why this all works! 





Yoga is a marvelous compliment to energy medicine. This will be another post to discuss in the future. In the meantime, I found a new FABULOUS book. Lauren Walker is amazing and was trained by Donna Eden.  This is the first time I found someone else who was combining these and in her webinars explains the why so eloquently!

The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription by Lauren Walker





LOVE yourself into great health!


Coming NEXT:

Is BELIEF in GOD a Leading Cause of HEALTH?

                                                             Stay Tuned!

5 Comments on “Building Your Immune System Through Energy Medicine

  1. Thank you! We are so happy to know it was very helpful TODAY! And we both LOVE Denise Linn, she is absolutely marvelous. I hope others will check out your recommended podcast!

  2. I found out that I have had a depressed immune system about four years ago, I have IV gamma globulin once a month. The doc thinks I have had it for a very long time. I much better, far fewer sinus infections and rarely have bronchitis. I always thought I got sick a lot because I was an elementary school teacher!

    • Happy to hear you got some answers! Just think, now you have an additional ways to boost your immune system. You would enjoy hearing some of Donna Eden’s Videos. She has one that is slightly different than mine, but she demonstrates it all so well! Just google Video’s of Donna Eden. She has a lot of You-Tube videos to watch.

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