Celebrate Freedom!

Happy Fourth of July

Today more than ever we need to celebrate our ONENESS as human beings. Our celebrations might be very low key compared to other years, but that’s okay, we’ll remember the uniqueness of July 4, 2020. We remember that our freedom in this country is so very precious. I love to think we can celebrate all of the beautiful diversity in people that live and work in the United States and call it home. Let’s celebrate our freedom and our ability to be who we REALLY are!

We are both busy enjoying our holiday too. We wish you the most special of times.  Stay well and safe.  We’ll be back next week! In the mean time we thought you might enjoy pondering a poem that Suzanne Giesemann published…a channeled poem through her guides, Sanaya.

We love you ALL ~ Terry & Marj


I am the bird that sings

And I am the song,

And I will continue to sing

All day and night long.


For I am forever.

I go not away.

Like the sun that does rise

At the dawn of each day.


I am not here to worship.

I do not want your desire.

I wish you only to know

That you can rise so much higher.


You and I are the same.

It is I who does breathe you.

And with this great knowing

Know that I’ll never leave you.


So rise from your knees.

Pray to me if you must.

But it is only the body

That will return to the dust.


You are spirit right now.

You are me in expression.

It is your task in this lifetime

To learn this one lesson.


I am what makes the heart beat,

And I am the heartbeat.


I am what makes you breathe,

And I am the breath.


I am what makes the bird sing,

And I am the song.


I am what awakes you each morning,

And I am awakening.




I am in all things,

And all things are in me.


I am in you,

And in the stillness you will know…


~ Shared by Suzanne Giesemann ~ channeled by Sanaya     Love Beyond Words by Suzanne Giesemann

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