Savor the Sweetness…RECEIVE!

We make choices every single day that become the basis for our daily living. There is a place in our lives when we realize that the messages we received as a child were possibly totally misunderstood. There is a phrase in the Bible as well in LIFE that: It is better to give than receive. I understand the concept and for the most part as a child and on into my adult years I always translated this idea into selfless giving of resources. As I grew in understanding I translated the idea into the giving of myself to others – my time and what I thought was expertise. AND, there was a time in my life when I never allowed myself to receive. I know now it was due to lack of self love or worthiness, however you want to phrase it. But, journey with me because I hope you can SAVOR the SWEETNESS as you RECEIVE the life giving love that is yours. Reconnective Healing has taught me that I am a receiver NOT a sender of healing. It’s a complex thought due to our language barriers. Words trip us up for sure.

SAVOR the Sweetness…RECEIVE! It sounds so lovely.

The example I can give for myself is through my teaching career. As years progressed and following my NDE, I realized I did have a lot of expertise and love to share with my students and young parents who were desperately trying to be the best parents regardless of their abilities or economic status. I knew I was giving without regard to receiving. Or so I thought because I thought that was what was right.  Is it possible I’ve had this all backwards most of my life?

Could it be I needed to receive BEFORE I truly gave?

I began the slow journey to understand that I received so much love from those tiny first grade beings along with their parents…I was receiving in amazing abundance. My sweetest moments were in that receiving mode, especially when it came to teaching reading. What happened first? Was it the giving or the receiving? Hold that thought…but is it possible that we cannot give unless we’ve received first? Did I need to allow the receiving to happen slowly and focus on the journey instead of the outcome? I relied heavily on my instinct…with a heavy dose of LOVE for all because by then I knew how connected we all were.

I also understood the energy field around my body because I had experienced the powerful presence in countless ways. I pulled the children close to let the love energy transfer to them. I could feel their body relax.  I received  love as I believed in the child’s ability no matter how difficult. The giving became stronger as I witnessed their own joy through their journey…knowing the outcome would be YEARS away! But, I could savor the sweetness as I received the love from a child as they launched their journey in reading.

Let’s transfer this example into the spiritual world where healing is not only possible, it has become my life’s journey to help other’s realize their own healing potential. My own life is always deeply wrapped in that message I heard during my NDE, “We can heal ourselves.” When Dr. Eric Pearl first spoke the words, “we ALL hold the potential within us to be a healer” I was hooked on this uncomplicated version of energy healing. I already knew energy healing worked, but the path seemed so complicated, “do this, do that, use this …and then you can expect this.” I knew it was so much simpler, but I couldn’t put it into a framework until I was trained in Reconnective Healing. There was the simplicity and the understanding of the energy in light and love that I experienced during my NDE. That LOVE that I knew resided in every human heart always. ( Yes, even in the worst of people)

SAVOR the Sweetness…RECEIVE! Yes, it’s beautiful.

As a facilitator for Reconnective Healing I have to be the receiver first. We are a human bluetooth for connection. I like the bluetooth analogy because we can all identify with moments of frustration when our blue tooth connection was lost even though we knew it was RIGHT THERE. Often people just need a boost to help in the connection.  I can’t be the catalyst for another person unless I receive and allow the connection to simply BE. Like the example in life above, I rely heavily on my instincts coming from within and the outcome may be long in coming or it can be immediate.

SAVOR the Sweetness…RECEIVE healing inherent in all of us!

We are born in love, there is a part of us that remembers that incredible feeling and is constantly searching for it.  Are we here to re-discover that love? The more we allow ourselves to receive the more we discover the barriers and blocks that may be holding us back from discovering the love we desire to give away.  Receive…and you have discovered the capacity to love yourself. Then giving can come from within our hearts. SELF LOVE is the key that opens the pathway to spread love to others. Rumi eloquently reminds us that we don’t need to search for love, we already have love, and love’s power, within us. We were born in love. When we dissolve barriers or emotional blocks, love is all that remains.

During this time of tumult and change in our lives…allow yourself to receive!

“Your task is not to seek for love
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.” ~ RUMI

*You can find this Rumi quote on pg. 136 in Gregg Braden’s book, The Wisdom Codes in his chapter on love.



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