Summer Delights

What an amazing season to enrich the love that God has shared with all of us! There is magic in the air if we are watching and listening close! Amidst the tumult that is happening around us we can find beauty, peace, and calm. How lucky are we?!

Here are my favorites:

  • Outdoor sunrise, yoga, and meditation in short sleeves, my cup of coffee, and a spiritual message read with sunglasses!
  • Watering my gardens early morning when I can enjoy the silence except for the birds, the ducks, the incredible  insects, and weeds. Hmm…I have to ponder, but yes, still a favorite.
  • A bike ride or long walk to the wetlands area to see if I can glimpse the swans or heron.
  • Birds frolicking in my birdbath while I type at my computer.
  • Children laughing and swimming in the small lake.
  • Lazy book reading time outside.
  • A quick impromptu engaging conversation with a neighbor…especially when she hands me these totally gorgeous flowers to take home and put on my table! The warmth stays with me.
  • Enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner outside on our deck or patio.  OR…a picnic at the beach!
  • A sunset through warmth as darkness brings out the beautiful moon and stars.

What are  your favorite ways to find the beautiful love that lives inside of you, knowing you are eternally spirit? Our body receives the gift in the form of health and well being!

We find love when we look for it and  we receive love when we think we deserve it the least. God’s LOVE holds our universe together.  Isn’t it amazing to behold the concept that even SCIENCE, Quantum Physics,  is starting to recognize there is  a vibration of energy they can’t quite agree on what to call it? The reasons are complicated. Many scientists express their atheist beliefs due to science and yet MANY are beginning to open a door they had previously closed in their lives. I LOVE that… I KNOW that NDE’s, LIGHT Experiences, and more everyday awakening moments are happening in people’s lives around the globe.

I think all of us are PART of this huge awakening that is happening all around us. So often it is in the everyday moments we see, hear, or feel something unexpected. We know now to stop and pay attention and ask that beautiful question…what am I to learn by this? I love it when an answer comes rushing back in. These same moments happen when something difficult comes our way too. It’s a beautiful day when I can set that aside…and ask the same question. What am I to learn through this?

Today I wanted to share a beautiful video presentation along with photos that can speak to us at this most difficult time. Marj and I share  an amazing brother Bill and his wife Norma that have sung in this very talented group called the Holland Chorale. The group has sung here in Holland, Michigan for over 25 years.  It’s fun and meaningful for me to be living in the area to hear these amazing voices each year. THIS year as you can imagine, there are no live concerts.

This concert, which was recorded back in 2015 featured a black soloist that I TOTALLY loved, Keon. His story is amazing. He lived in Flint, MI…home of the difficult history of lead poisoning in the water. He was totally unknown in 2015 when we heard him sing. His face just lit up the room when he sang. He took voice lessons from a person I call my savior for voice along with much more prominent people including my brother Bill and his wife. His name is Nicholas. Nicholas is a totally amazing story, but he is the voice teacher that can awaken a soul ready to emerge into LIFE that was meant to be! Keon’s name is listed as you start to listen to this beautiful song. He is an amazing story of success in his singing career. Covid loses have touched his family like so many across our country.

We all suffer losses and it’s good for us to express to all of those we love and understand that life is precious and eternal.

This  Chorale Group  has been taking older recorded concert music and adding beautiful photo footage while we enjoy the combination of music and photos that were chosen with care. I hope you  have a moment to relax and take it all in. It was very meaningful for me. Our brother Bill and his wife sing in this group. The photos are chosen well for the tumultuous times right now. Perhaps you’ll have a similar experience to mine. My body moved into an amazing frequency of vibration similar to deep meditation. It brought in thoughts and images very important to me in my life right now.

Click here to access the Holland Chorale Singing a beautiful piece of music that can connect to your soul. I think all of you will enjoy this stunning beautiful piece of music as well as the photos they chose to accompany these words.

There are times when we see sights and KNOW there is significance in our lives. These sunset photos were taken on my phone less than a week ago from Lake Michigan while camping. But I’d like to share another one…an angel that presented in stunning VIEW over Lake Michigan. You have likely seen so many scenes and wonder if there is a message there for you! For me…I knew there was a message in the form of an angel in the sky! During meditation I had been asking if I could SEE something of my angel guides that I KNEW were there for me every day! Wow…did I get a treat or what?!

I hope you enjoy and find your own message as you view the photo. CLICK on it…it can become larger for YOU too!

Summer Delights!

Enjoy  all of your small moments, everyday happenings, and spectacular special events you want to savor for weeks and months to come! Aren’t God’s blessings amazing? ~ LOVE is who we are and LOVE is always shared with the world!

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  1. I’ve just listened to the Holland Chorale singing Bright Morning Stars. Very beautiful and very moving. Lovely solo interludes from Keon and the chosen pictures were excellent. Thank you for that, and for your Summer Delights article, which I found inspirational. It’s made me determent to make more of what’s left of Summer 2020!

    • I’m so happy that you enjoyed our post and the beautiful music! Summer of 2020 will be remembered by all of us in such unusual and novel ways!

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