Animals ENRICH our lives!

ANIMALS Enrich OUR lives!

It is always fascinating to me how people react around animals. People who have grown up with dogs, cats, or horses are usually drawn to them as young children, young adults and on into adulthood. Many people have never lived in and around a pet and can be very UNCOMFORTABLE with other people’s pets. Then there are animals in the wild we love to see and experience at a distance or close up like squirrels, birds, deer or fawn and hope we don’t see a skunk too close! Or we go to zoos and animal sanctuaries to experience the more wild animals like lions, tigers and bears…oh my! Couldn’t resist!

Today I’ve been thinking more about our beloved pets that give us so much total unconditional love due to my son’s beautiful first “girl” Lola dying today. I was saddened by the news, I loved Lola too…she always curled up by me at their house, her tail thumping on the couch. But, she somehow knew she needed to say good-bye and she knew our son needed to say good-bye and be there too.

Marj and I had a dog growing up.  My husband and I had our ONLY girl…our first dog for close to 20 years. Our own family of  three boys grew up with dogs their whole life. We loved them dearly and they gave so much love back to all of us. But, it became obvious when he was young we had one son out of three who became “the dog whisperer”.  He simply LOVED dogs and couldn’t keep away from any he saw. No matter what was happening, he could calm a dog so easily compared to the rest of us. As busy as we all got in our lives, our son was always there for our dog. He took a job at Pet Smart and learned to groom dogs for a job while going to college! They LOVED him…he was constantly booked because owners kept requesting his services.

How and why does this happen? Is there a communication that happens more with some people than others? I believe the skill is more highly developed in some people…just as the skill of connecting with spirits is more developed in some people than others.

I thought you might enjoy this warm hearted story even though it is sad and very difficult to lose a furry friend that is like a child in most  families. We grieve  the loss, just like we do with people.

Our son just returned from the Middle East, and our hearts are soaring with thankfulness and love at his safe return! But he had to say good-bye to their beautiful dog today, she died only two days after his return.  It was amazing because Lola has been dying of cancer, and they were told 8 months ago she would not last more than a month. Jacob was crushed he couldn’t say good-bye. But, she hung on, and not easily. It was like she was waiting for Jacob to return. How did she know? Is there communication that happens with animals we don’t understand? Yes, I believe they have the ability to move into that beautiful field of energy of light and information we all have access to! Their communication system is quite different of course, but it’s there.

We KNOW animals can sense our emotions and feelings. I am sure most all of you have experienced that at one time or another.  Today we can ponder, at a deeper level. There’s a difference between our human brain and a domesticated animal’s brain. The human brain  can think & reason with our intuition, but it is clouded in our life experiences. A dog’s brain sticks to his/her instinct giving unconditional love as soon as they feel loved! Wouldn’t it be awesome if WE could do that so easily!

But, a little side bar here for you  though…we can further develop our brain to more easily follow the guidance of our instinct as well. Meditation helps tremendously because we are helping our thinking, organizing, planning mind take a break for awhile! Sometimes our intuition guides us, but it is through the clouds of our own thinking brain. We can train our brain to act more naturally when we train ourselves to “let go” and allow instinct to take over! Instinct never sends us anywhere without love. Just like the unconditional love of a dog.

Dogs, cats, and horses instinctively KNOW things about us as humans, they can sense a loving caring heart and distinguish it from dislike or fear. That’s why these same animals are very often used in therapy for humans that are struggling for a variety of reasons. Austistic children can often be totally calmed or come out of their shells with quality time spent with animals. PTSD sufferers use dogs to help them readjust to life. Whole books have been written about this topic. There are incredibly beautiful success stories.

Today I was thinking…if we KNOW of someone who has tried every kind of therapy around and is still struggling, perhaps they are a person who could benefit by the unconditional love shared by a dog, cat or horse! Wow…again, I marvel at our human body and it’s ability to heal itself though alternate methods of care. I think God’s love is sitting right there waiting for us to grab on to it!

I also know that animals travel on to heaven too! There are countless NDE stories that share the fact with us. And I can attest to seeing Zeke with Anne! That story is in our book. . …Anne’s beautiful dog, Zeke,  that died not long after Anne was gone. Was that coincidence? Absolutely NOT! They needed each other!



Isn’t life with animals beautiful?! God’s creation…through amazing LOVE for every one of us.

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  1. Great blog! People who don’t like animals are depriving themselves of a lot of joy.

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