These past few weeks have brought me to another place of DEEPER Awareness. You too have the capacity to shift and take  MORE in  if you open yourself! All people ask, but HOW do I do that? I agree it seems difficult.  The more I understand LIFE and ask the deep questions, the more information seems to arrive in my world. The interesting threaded thought is that it is simple…not as complicated as we might think!

I took this picture one beautiful morning as I was outside during my meditation time early as the first light begins to appear. I have often put up sunrise photos because I am so blessed to have a place to watch the sun rise over the houses into the small lake in front of me. But on this particular day there was a knowing that I needed to simply BE…and look into what was right in front of me.

I hope you will click on the picture and see if you see an amazing picture in the dew drop off to the left of this opening blossom and then again at top by the leaf and again at the top of the emerging opening of the blossom. What do you see? It’s the WHOLE plant…amazing we can see this. In our spiritual lives we WANT to see the whole picture, but only when we go back to the smaller picture of life within do we see it.

The day opened with beauty in the beautiful moisture I could see glistening in the grass in front of me as the sun poked through to highlight the beauty, sunlit pieces of light on every blade of grass. I thought perhaps I could capture some of it…so I took phone pictures. I LOVED the results because I didn’t know I could capture a close image like this. Every blade of grass is lit…just like ALL of us in life when we chose to shine in our love! We gather our LIGHT together and see a beautiful grand picture. Go ahead and click on that picture…you will SEE it!

After I meditate, I usually sit listening to beautiful music and take in whatever is in front of me. Sometimes that is when the most significant thoughts come to me. Lately, it’s been wonderful to let this happen outside through very warm beautiful days. This year for me the number of sunny warm mornings has been outstanding. On this particular day, there was so much to take in. I knew in my heart…be still. Knowings began to emerge inside of me. DEEP awareness. In the bubble of moisture there is an image that magnifies the beauty around the whole plant. And just so you know, this is simply a budding flower from a hasta plant!

These water droplets are giving us a glimpse into what happens with all of us as human beings living a life in a human body. Once we begin to awaken to a greater awareness of ourselves as a soul living a TEMPORARY life in this body, there is a bigger picture there waiting for us!

DEEP Awareness of the bigger picture of life!

There is a FULLNESS of you…and when you seek true fulfillment within, the REAL you emerges and spends time with you. Very often we operate only from a daily existence that is usually focussed on the LACK of what we don’t have or what might be wrong in our life. It’s so HUMAN to do that! We keep seeking more of what we don’t have. That puts us into a spiral of of lack, want, and fulfillment in what we really DON’T want! Left over beliefs infiltrate our spiritual life when we are desperately trying to shift into the more meaningful life. Sound familiar? It is a little daunting to realize that this cycle has been going on thousands of years.

I hope I can open YOU to realize we can move into that knowingness if we choose to pay attention. Reconnective Healing has opened that door for so MANY people! It is so much more than  a comprehensive approach to energy healthcare! It promotes a return to balance, harmony and well being. Watch soon…I will have a NEW share about a new community that RH has opened to help us ALL navigate our lives recognizing there is MORE when we open up the frequency of LOVE. I’ll share soon because I have been an integral part of launching this new community.  I’d love to invite YOU to this community!

It isn’t until your SOUL becomes totally real for you that life begins to change. Deepak Chopra helped me understand there are three levels of the soul.

  1. Daily Activities
  2. Mental Exercise – ie…acquisition of knowledge of the spirit world.
  3. Refined level of connecting with the heart.

It’s when we balance all of these that we begin to grow spiritually every day in our own life situation. Some people in our world totally FOCUS on their daily active life and never go into another place. Others include the mental exercise of accessing spiritual knowledge but it is always tempered with what EVERYONE else thinks or believes and they are providing the answers for them. There is the third level that ALL of us need to embrace and develop in our life…in balance with the other two! Connecting with the heart…that bridge between this life and the soul.

How do you connect with YOUR Heart? Within your heart lies the secret to balancing the other parts of our lives. Going within in meditation can provide a doorway. But, what really LIVES in your heart?

LOVING yourself is a key that opens the door to love all around you!

It’s simpler than you might imagine! Tell yourself every day…

I seek to grow spiritually every day. I AM…




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