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Do you want to be an intuitively sensitive being? If you missed my blog entitled, Intuition is a Gift From Our Soul, you might want to go to the front page on our website and read this blog first, it was on September 15. It will help fill in some background information.

God provided each of us with the ability to hear messages sent to us though spirit. Our soul is the messenger. Listening can be tough, but critical! Belief that it happens is critical. Our learning to TRUST intuitive thoughts has been a journey, but well worth our efforts!

“By banishing doubt and trusting your intuitive feelings, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through. This may sound like hocus-pocus, but I prefer to think of it as emptying my mind and entering the heart of mystery. Here, I set aside rational thoughts and open to the magic and excitement of an illuminating new awareness.”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer  The Power of INTENTION

I have learned through experiences that the ability to use my intuition brings a whole mixed bag of emotions into my body. I’ve brought in peace, love, and joy and it’s wonderful! I’ve also put myself in the path of anxiety, sadness, and loss. There are moments when tears flow totally involuntarily and it connects right away to the gut area of my body. But, I’ve learned to embrace these moments as love manifested through difficult situations. It is so totally healthy to let these tears flow because it is releasing some deep-seated grief that has not been recognized.

While I have many stories, two personal experiences came into my mind as I thought through explaining why I choose to continue developing my ability to feel and hear from the spirit world. It matters not whether this brings in joy or sadness because I have learned to always turn it into love for others and myself. Recently I had someone ask me if I thought I had physic abilities. I was able to say right away, “Yes, of course I do and so do YOU!” I got a predictable response, “Yea, right!” For many of us, we still look upon this field as something totally mysterious. I was in that category for many years. But, I respond differently today. These abilities have existed since the beginning of man, spoken of in the Bible and throughout history. I can even joke about the fact that had I lived in certain places a few centuries ago, I would likely have been burned at the stake just for relating my NDE!

As you read our book, you will read MANY intuitive stories. For some people, they read them thinking, “these things don’t happen to me!” We now help people realize they do happen to everyone, but pathways get closed due to non-belief. It’s like my Dad’s phone call to our house with an ID on our phone that had been stopped for 1-½ years. No one was there. I knew my Dad was trying to tell us something. I began searching for… what? Others might dismiss that event and say, oh how odd! You can read in our book what happened after that when I followed a rather sketchy dream I had about my deceased Dad telling me to go to his old “totally” empty house to find a box that I couldn’t even imagine could be there. But, it was. The complete story of what I found is in our book! What if I had never listened to that dream?!

It was an intuitive hit that kept me from missing one of the most meaningful events in my life. This is a very personal story  that I have not shared until now, it happened after our book was published.

About a year and a half ago, I woke up at exactly 5:00 AM as a startling thought popped in my head that woke me up. “Terry, go see Edie tomorrow!” Now, my friend had been in Hospice care in her home and she was dying of lymphoma cancer. For many months I had been visiting her and we had marvelous discussions. Even occasionally I took her out on an errand when she felt she could get out. I knew she was failing, but her daughter had promised to let me know if she was close to death. It was also interesting words I heard, not go see Edie today… but go tomorrow.

I loved this stately lady. I had such amazing memories of discussions at our book club. She always had “stories” that she related, told about life that was very REAL, and had the most incredible sense of humor. She knew and heard my NDE story and we had marvelous discussions about life and death. She was a staunch Catholic and had told me she would be dying with dignity. She told me she was no longer afraid. She expressed that my stories had really helped her lose her fears. I could have gone to see her that day; I lived close enough to just walk over. But, I didn’t. I called her daughter and when she related that she was about the same, no difference, I still insisted I needed to come see her in the morning. At that moment, 10:00 popped in my head so I asked her if I could come then. She hesitated a little, saying the hospice nurse might end up disrupting my visit. I told her that was fine, no problem I would go out then, but I kept the 10:00 time. Quite honestly, I wondered if she had something she wanted to tell me.

When I came the next morning she seemed asleep, very peacefully breathing. Her daughter went to work that morning, while her daughter-in-law came to stay with Edie. She said, “ just wake her up, she may or may not know you are here though.” I took her hand and just started talking and told her I was there. She stirred, but didn’t open her eyes. I just kept talking and reminded her about our many fun events and discussions together. I had brought a purple hydrangea from my garden, her favorite. I told her it was there. All of a sudden she opened her eyes. I thought…wonderful, she recognizes my voice. She started looking off to her right and up and getting agitated. I asked her if she was seeing angels. I reminded her they were there to help her. She couldn’t speak but nodded with a slight smile coming. I was so excited for her. Then her eyes got REALLY big and I said, you are seeing the LIGHT! She wanted me to know YES, she nodded and nodded…and as I said to her, “you can go to it if you’re ready”, and she was gone. She never closed her eyes, just a gulp of air and the slight smile was there. She died so peacefully. She wanted to validate to me she saw the angels and the amazing white light. What if I had gone the day before? I would have missed this astounding event. I have felt her spirit presence in my life many times.

I tear up as I write this, not in sadness, because I know she is in peaceful bliss and giving heaven a run for their money with her sense of humor along with her late husband Dick! But, for me, this was a synchronistic event that was orchestrated for me somehow. Isn’t life just full of miracles?!

I hope you will be open with a new resolve to follow YOUR intuition!


Coming on Oct. 13 : How to develop your intuition for optimal HEALTH!



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  1. I remember my mother saying that there is no such thing as coincidence, it’s when God sends a message/miracle and chooses to remain anonymous. At age 72 now, I have experienced many of his many miracles…

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